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Jul 06, 2006 05:03 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer


the Jews drum daily in German newspapers that the biological, cultural and soul extermination of the German people is a luck for them and that the persecution and murder of thousands of Germans each year on their own land counts for nothing as multiculturalism is a gain and not a loss.

Here is an article in which Jews condem muticulturalism --- in Israel!!

We face here the same double standard and doublespeak as with masonry, which in England and USA is building up, while in Germany (& Europe), Russia, Tibet is taking down.

What role plays Theosophy in this death struggle of the Aryan race?

And what role play the real-existent organizations which claim to follow HPB?

The general point from my humble point of view to multiculturalism is that HPB would have not accept it, even when multicultural would really be a gain, and not a loss (for both sides).
Only a third party gains from it. They conspire from behind the curtain. 

HPB probably would have said: "Even if multiculturalism would be a gain, we cannot accept it from the moral and karmic standpoint, as the poor turks, Asiats and Africans are forced by violence (economical, ecological), to leave their homelands, and the inhabitants of Germany are forced by violence to leave their land - and any actions which begins with a bad motive will in the final analysis also end with bad results. The brotherhood I had in mind was to make the nations stronger, more spiritual - and not equalizing them on the lowest level of the lower self."


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