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somewhat lacking in Ethics????????????????

Jul 05, 2006 02:40 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

"My point is that evidence is getting varied and strong 
that John Algeo and his Committee are somewhat lacking 
in Ethics."

Carlos,  I have a very thick hide and your accusations
towards me only amuse me.  I'm sure Dr. Algeo
must feel the same.

But when you seem to suggest that the OTHER members
of the Committee are also "somewhat lacking in Ethics", I think
you are crossing the line.  

Are you suggesting, for example, that Dara Eklund and
Nicholas Weeks as members of the committee are "somewhat
lacking in Ethics"?  I personally know both of them and they
are devoted and dedicated Theosophists and don't deserve to 
be smeared by your offensive comment.

I would hope that you will specify what you actually mean. 

I guess one could only overlook your remark by assuming you have no 
idea what you are yammering about! 


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