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Jul 05, 2006 01:56 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> Is this like the priest that tells the 
> congregation: "Don't read
> the Bible for yourself, I'm here to tell you 
> what it really means"?
> Informally, of course.
> Daniel

Daniel, you hit the nail on the head.
Carlos seems also to say:
"Don't read Solovyov for yourself, I'm here from 
ULT church to tell you what it really means"?!

For people, who receive their education from 
History Channel and the newspapers, it will be of 
course enough.
But halt - was it not the Besant & Leadbeater 
method of make believe and suggestions?
Or is is indeed Orwellian doublespeak we hear?

By following HPB's dead letter and sophistry on 
her words the ULT'ers destroy HPB - but name it: 
following/defending her.
By suppressing and censoring criticism on HPB they 
appeal to HPB - but HPB was open to criticism.

BTW, in 1936 Goebbels inaugurated a hearing of 
critics on the new Anti-Comintern-government. This 
was positively reviewed in theosophical magazines, 
of which I have a copy on my desk.
The way Goebbels interpreted the TERMS (Kant! 
Hegel!) critic, criticism, culture, fall of 
ideals, are the very words of HPB and the same 

It would be an interesting study object to compare 
this and also compare AH's frequent remarks on 
races, brotherhood, freedom, karma (he used the 
Christian term providence) with those of HPB.
I guess it would turn out that Goebbels and AH 
probably had a better understanding of HPB's 
spiritual message, though making no claims on it, 
than most of the bigot "theosophists" in ULT, 
Adyar, Temple of the time and even today, although 
these claim to be followers of HPB - what an irony 
and foolishness.

As Steiner said: It is the struggle between two 
inexpiably world views: materials versus 
idealism --- or:  the reign the lower self against 
the reign of the higher self --- or: The 
Jewish-Anglo-Saxony (therefore: lower Germanic) 
spirit versus the teutonic (higher Germanic) 
spirit, because the TEUTANs are the DYANs, the 



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