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John Algeo's Puppets?

Jul 05, 2006 12:27 PM
by danielhcaldwell

John Algeo's Puppets? 


You want me to answer that question?

Well, I worked with and assisted
John Cooper in various ways with the letters project.
So maybe someone like you might say I was Cooper's

I simply did the same thing with Algeo: worked with
and assisted him on the letters by contributing comments,
information, etc.

As far as I know, I helped Algeo in the same way I helped
Cooper. Therefore if you want to call me Cooper's puppet
or Algeo's puppet, then fine. But I don't view it that way.

Remember also that Dara Eklund would therefore be one of
Algeo's puppets according to Tillet's phrase if he was
referring to the people who helped Dr. Algeo on the letters

Are you now calling Dara one of Algeo's puppets??



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