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RE: [bn-study] RE: Origin of Evil

Jul 05, 2006 08:37 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/5/2006 7:38 AM


Why not simplify?  

Could we consider if this is a correct statement ?

If this UNIVERSE is ruled by immutable and eternal LAW, then any disturbance
or distortion of LAW reverberates throughout the universe and causes PAIN
and SUFFERING, hence EVIL.

KARMA and the "CAUSELESS CAUSE" appear to be synonymous in their ultimate
SPIRITUAL sense.  Individual Karma is ever subject to universal Karma --
which is made moment by moment by ALL independently active and self-choosing
BEINGS. Each Mind [MANAS] is one of these beings where the power of
free-choice is being experienced and developed.  

It is in mankind that the freedom and independence of the gradually
INDIVIDUALIZING MIND permits choice for evil or for good.

We [Mind -- MANAS], plunged in the confusion, and manifestation of desires,
passions, forms, matter and limits, find it difficult to surmount these and
reflect (meditate ?) on ultimate facts and truths.  The fact that we can
even evoke such ideas implies they exist for all on the plane of UNIVERSAL
EXCELLENCE, charity, harmony, and DUTY -- DHARMA.

Truth (to me) tends to singularity, simplicity and the serenity of peace for

Falsity and therefore EVIL, tends to multiplicity, uncertainty, and

For this reason Hermes must have said:  "Man, know thyself."   


Who or what in us looks at IDEAS and DESIRES, and makes CHOICES ? 

Are we in fact divine eternal MONADS ?  Is this MONAD the ever on-looking
LORD [ATMA-BUDDHI]  -- the highest "Principle" that is ever in us ?  

If so, then each of us has a resident MAHATMA within the confusion, pains
and illnesses of each "Personality."  [  see S D   II  167 ]

To me, in dealing with metaphysics, the concepts of eternity, timelessness,
and beginning and endlessness have to be sensed from the first, so that "the
radiant STAR that shines ever from 'above'" is chosen as our constant and
reliable guide.

Best wishes,



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From: Gopi Chari 
Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2006 7:36 PM
Subject: RE: 		Origin of Evil

'Evil' is opposite to 'Good'. It is similar to Darkness. 'Dark' is opposite
of 'Light'. 'Evil' is born when 'Good' is born. These are all part of
'duality'. So there are all definitions. 

The above are all akin to any part of 'creation'. As a process of Creation,
any sense is created as a whole, ie. when 'Taste' is created all hues of it
are created as one. 

When we sense it we call it 'I Like it' or 'I do not Like it'. 

That is how we separate it. They are all Taste. In Creation entire Spectrum
is born at the same time. That is called 'Garden of Eden'. When I separate
myself from it Then I have 'Like(s)' and 'Dis Like(s)'. 

Ultimately these separations lead to killing each other.

Can I go back to the Garden of Eden! I do not mean this as a cop out.


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