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Re: Theos-World Was There Really An Attack On Israeli Soldiers?

Jul 04, 2006 08:39 PM
by leonmaurer

Utterly obvious propaganda crap...
1. Imply guilt or doubt by "inference" based on leading question. 2. "Name 
calling."  3. Using references to quote supposed authority that has no 
relationship to the point in question.

Also the name "ringding" is a dead giveaway or "tell" that the writer is a 
propagandist using the technique of constant "repetition" to make a spurious or 
prejudicial point. 

In a message dated 7/4/06 3:17:13 PM, writes:

> Look here:
> Also interesting to some:
> Purucker on Israel:
> Verily so; and if we are to take the witness of the New Testament of the 
> Christians themselves, Jesus the Avatara came only unto the enlightening and 
> saving of the Jews themselves; for as it is stated unequivocally in the Gospel 
> According to Matthew, xv, 24: "But he answered and said, I am not sent but 
> unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel." If this statement was inspired by 
> the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of the Christian Trinity, as the orthodox 
> among Christians formerly used positively to state, then how shall we explain 
> that it was precisely by the Jews that he was rejected, and became accepted in 
> the West and in the West alone, and by the peoples unto whom it is stated 
> that he did not come? Is it not evident, if we are to give any weight to this 
> passage from Matthew, that an avataric influence descending into the murk and 
> mire of earthly affairs brings a message for all mankind, and that, precisely 
> as Theosophy has always stated, 'the lost sheep of Israel' do not signify the 
> Jews alone, but the phrase is an expression taken directly from the Hither 
> Asian Mysteries, based on Jewish thought in this instance, that 'Israel' does 
> not mean the Jews alone but the Children of Saturn and the Earth, and that 
> the divine influence comes to aid those of its 'children' who are 'lost' -- 
> i.e., those who have need of a new spiritual and intellectual inspiration?
> Is the idea, therefore, not identic with that which is put into the mouth of 
> Krishna, the Hindu Avatara in the Bhagavad-Gita, where he says that he comes 
> from age to age in order to right wrongs, overthrow evil, inspirit the good, 
> and rescue the down-trodden, spiritually speaking?
> The point of this footnote is for the reader or student to remember that the 
> Gospels of the Christian religion imbodied a Mystery-Story and therefore can 
> be construed properly only in the light of the archaic Mystery-teaching."
> - Gottfried de Purucker: The Esoteric Tradition, p. 1091, Fn. 462.
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