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Re: Theos-World Re: Theosophy World #121, July 1, 2006 and self-approval

Jul 04, 2006 07:34 PM
by leonmaurer

Here's some more whistling in the wind by a typical German die hard and 
bigoted Hitler lover, who has no sense of humor, and can't tell the difference 
between propaganda and a sincere understanding of theosophical principles by a ULT 
associate that has nothing to do with "lying" or "dogma" -- but is entirely 
consistent with theosophy as well as its original Heart Doctrine teachings 
given out by the "Masters" KH and M through HPB.   

Only a real Goebbel's mimicking propagandist would take seriously Reed's joke 
about not smoking on a web site.   ;-)   Beats me how anyone can be so 
prejudiced against ULT (as well as Jews and other enemies of Adolph) so as to think 
like that?    

Actually, the joke is on frank, since he hasn't the faintest idea about How 
much HPB is respected by ULT -- both for her teachings, and her sense of 
humor... And couldn't care less whether she smoked or not. :-) 

Maybe he should read the ULT Declaration and its enrollment form to 
understand that each associate of ULT is a totally independent student of theosophy 
from whatever valid source (consistent with the SD) it comes from, follows no 
dogmas and takes no orders from a supposed ULT headquarters (since it has no 
Führer to give them), and has the same teachers as the eclectic HPB and WQJ -- who 
were the original and ONLY messengers of the Masters, as well as students of 
all the ancient wisdom teachers of the occult truths referenced by them in the 
Secret Doctrine, the Ocean of Theosophy, and their other writings.

So, we should all wonder who is telling dogmatic lies and making propaganda 
around here?


In a message dated 7/4/06 2:57:59 PM, writes:

> >
> >By the United Lodge of Theosophists
> [...]
> >The growing awareness that the world is one,
> >physically, morally, and mentally, and that even
> >the smallest
> >action reverberates globally, is reflected in the
> >international
> >face of ULT. Efforts in Greece, Brazil, Portugal,
> >and Australia,
> >for example, stem from the determination of a few
> >individuals who
> >have had the courage to recognize the value of a
> >non-sectarian,
> >non-dogmatic approach to the teachings of
> >Theosophy.
> What a self-approvalish nonsense hot air and quite
> contrary from the truth of ULT history, therefore
> a conscious lie!
> No superstitions are more absurd than the dogmas
> of the ULT and their dead-letter believe.
> How can any sane man take Theosophy serious when
> he/she/it reads such untrue propaganda junk.
> Look for example the ULT controlled, so-called
> "Blavatsky-Net", where you can find their house
> rule:
> "HOUSE RULES: This is a non-smoking section -
> please put out the cig while visiting this area of
> the site."
> In other words: the smoking Blavatsky has no place
> on the Blavatsky Net - as Christ has no place in
> the Christian Churches!
> Theosophists, stand up against that psychic,
> emotional, perverse monster of induced madness!
> Poor HPB never longed for such flapdoodle
> self-styled smart alecks!
> Frank

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