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Jul 04, 2006 05:35 PM
by Cass Silva

Probably John King, as I know, he or the mafia got to the refs when Oz played Italy.


ps On this note, HPB has been slandered by others who say that she took up with John King and then conveniently dropped him as an inconvenience when he real work started.  I personally have my own opinion, but I did a little research on it and came up with a summary of HPB's words in relation to King.

Would appreciate any comments.
  I have edited this page and have included only those sentences which are purported to come from HPB direct.   Cass
  Published by Blavatsky Archives. 
 Online Edition copyright 2001 by Marina Cesar Sisson.
  Helena Blavatsky 
 and the Enigma of John King  By Marina Cesar Sisson  [Originally published in Informativo HPB, n° 3, 4 and 5]
  1. John King: An Undigested Lump in the Theosophical Literature
  2. John King: He Is My Only Friend
  "She kept up the illusion for months – just how many I cannot recollect at this distance of time – and I saw numbers of phenomena done as alleged by John King. (...) He was first, John King, an independent personality, then John King, messenger and servant – never the equal – of living adepts, and finally an elemental pure and simple, employed by HPB..." (ODL I, 11)
  "SERAPIS BEY (Ellora Section)
 "POLYDORUS ISURENUS (Section of Solomon)
 "ROBERT MORE (Section of Zoroaster)
 "(...) By Order of the Grand \ TUITIT BEY
 "Observatory of Luxor, Tuesday Morning, Day of Mars." (HPB Speaks I, 8)
  "Got it this very moment. I had a right and dared withhold for a few hours the letter sent you by Tuitit Bey, for I alone am answerable for the effects and results of my Chief’s orders. (...) The message was ordered at Luxor, a little after midnight between Monday and Tuesday. Written out [at] Ellora in the dawn by one of the secretaries [or] neophytes and written very badly. I wanted to ascertain from T.B. if it was still his wish to have it sent in such a state of human scribbling, as it was intended for one who received such a thing for the first time." (HPB Speaks I, 1-2)
  She revealed that, in her opinion, Olcott should receive a magical parchment so that, by having a concrete phenomenon in his hands, he might eliminate some of the doubts that "John’s tricks" were certainly raising in him:
  "My suggestion was to let you have one of our parchments on which the contents appear (materialized) whenever you cast your eyes on it to read it, and disappear every time as soon as you have done, for, as I respectfully inferred, you had been just puzzled by John’s tricks, and that perhaps your mind, notwithstanding your sincere belief, would need strengthening by some more substantial proof." (HPB Speaks I, 2)
  Yet Tuitit Bey was against it and answered thus:
  "A mind that seeks the proofs of Wisdom and Knowledge in outward appearance as material proofs is unworthy of being let in unto the grand secrets of the "Book of Holy Sophia". One who denies the Spirit and questions him on the ground of its material clothing a priori will never be able to. Try." (HPB Speaks I, 2)
  After alerting Olcott about Tuitit Bey’s rebuke, HPB advises him to advance with caution in the Path that leads to Wisdom, because there might not always be "John" ready to save him, once again showing the important role played by John King as an instructor in this Path:
  "Now my advice to you, Henry, a friendly one: don’t you fly too high, and poke your nose on the forbidden paths of the Golden Gate without some one to pilot you; for John won’t be there always to collar you in time and bring you safe home. The little they do for you is wonderful to me, for I never saw them so generous from the first. (...) I am an initiated wretch, and I know what a curse the word ‘Try’ has proved to me in my life, and how often I trembled and feared to misunderstand their orders, and bring on myself punishment for carrying them too far or not far enough." (HPB Speaks I, 3)
  5. John King as Advocate of HPB
  "I won another law suit, and may perhaps save $5,000, out of what I lost. John has helped me in my law suits, that is certain, but he did a very bad thing, though, not from the standpoint of the Summerland, but according to the human, earthly code of honour." (HPB Speaks I, 90)
  "Mr. John in his ardent desire to help me has carried his zeal too far. Hear what happened. After the verdict, Marks, the defendant’s lawyer, insulted me by saying that I won the case through a forgery of certain documents. If I had scorned the insult all should have been right but I did not, and called my lawyer to witness the insult. My lawyer called Marks a d--- perjurer and Jew and a liar. The latter returned the compliment and my lawyer prompted by John (for he says he cannot understand how he did it) throttled Marks and throwing him on the ground gave him the most magnificent thrashing to the delight of the audience and jurymen, for it was in the Court Room right before the Judge’s nose." (HPB Speaks II, 175)
  I have neither space nor time to tell you all what, J.K. does with us but, if told, it will make the most remarkable story ever written on spirit manifestations." (HPB Speaks I, 60)
  "John always asks from her money. Some times she [HPB] gives, some times not, then he steals and comes and tells her to teaze. He asked her $50, but she would not give, because he did not say why. Then he asked of me, and told me if I promised him $50, he would make one man, that owed me $500, pay me; then he sayd to Madame B. and made Bargain with her, if he would get her $100 one man owed her, and did not wish to pay, she must give $50. John kept his word and Saturday she got her $100 from the man without asking him, and I my $500. John says, he psychologised both; must be so, for he got the money. She gave John $50 and mine he says, I will owe him, and pay when he asks me. We put the money in John’s writing desk, his own private table, with his papers and correspondence, nobody in house dares touch it, or he will play tricks." (HPB Speaks I, 94)
  "Did you hear the trick John has played with Olcott? He actually wrote him a long letter, posted it himself it appears, and told him in it some wonderful secrets. He is a trump, my John." (HPB Speaks I, 63)
  "...he becomes so powerful that he actually writes letters himself without any medium’s help, he corresponds with Olcott, with Adams, with three or four ladies that I don’t even know, comes and tells me ‘what a goodly fun he had with them,’ and how he humbugged them. I can name you ten persons he corresponds with." (HPB Speaks I, 85)
  The young woman who worked in the house was a medium and many a time "did she scream on the staircase on meeting on the stairs or in the passage ‘John King,’ with his powerful frame clad in white, who ‘glared at her,’ she said, with his fiery black eyes. And more than once saw him near me, she told my visitors". (HPB Speaks I, 242) John King frightened her once when the mail arrived, as:
  "...he had opened every one of them before the postman had time to hand them. My servant maid, who is wonderfully mediumistic – as much perhaps as she is stupid – and who is all day entranced, dematerialising everything in the kitchen, came running in my bedroom, half crying and so scared that she looked quite pale telling me that ‘that big fellow spirit with the black beard had torn open the envelopes right in her hand,’ and so I read your [Lippitt’s] letter." (HPB Speaks I, 83)
  "He steals everything in the house, brought to Dana $10, the other day, when I was so sick; for Dana had written him in the morning secretly in his room asking him for it (Dana knows him for 29 years) brought $10 for Mr. Brown; brought Mrs. Magnon a ruby ring she had lost months ago (lost or had it stolen I do not know which), ‘to reward her’ he said, for she took care of ‘his lass Ellie’ (poor ego)". (HPB Speaks I, 83-85)
  "He loves me, I know it, and would do for no one more than for myself; [yet] see what tricks he plays with me at the contrariete: the least thing I won’t do as he would like me to, he begins playing the old Harry, making mischief, and what mischief; he abuses dreadfully, calls me the most wonderful, ‘never heard before’ names, goes to mediums and tale tells them, about me, saying to them I hurt his feelings, that I am a vicious liar, an ungrateful so and so (...). He forges people’s handwritings and makes mischief in the families; ‘he pops off and pops in,’ like some infernal Deus ex machina; he is everywhere at the same time, and pokes his nose in every one’s business. He plays me the most unexpected tricks – dangerous tricks sometimes; quarrels me with people, and then comes laughing and tells me all he has done, boasting of it and teasing me.
  "A few days ago he wanted me to do something I did not wish to do, for I was sick and did not think it right; he threw at me a caustic un morceau de pierre infernale, that was under lock in a casket in the drawers, and burned my right eyebrow and cheek, and when on the following morning when my eyebrow had become black as jet he laughed and said I looked like ‘a fine Spanish wench’. I will now be marked for a month at least. I know he loves me, I know it, he is devotedly attached to me, and he abuses me most shamefully, the wicked wretch. He writes long letters to people about me, makes them believe the most horrid things, and then boasts of it!" (HPB Speaks I, 85-86)
  "Your ideas about the spirit world and mine are two different things. My Lord! you will think perhaps, ‘John is a Diakka’, ‘John is a bad spirit, un esprit farfadet et malin,’ not a bit of it." (HPB Speaks I, 87)
  "Now, for instance, nature has endowed me pretty generously with the second sight, or clairvoyant gifts and I generally can see what I am anxious to see; but I can never present [foresee] his tricks or know of them, unless he comes and tells them himself." (HPB Speaks I, 87)
  HPB confirmed this ascendancy on a letter to a relative:
  "Now (in 1866) I shall never be subjected to external influences. (...)
  "The last vestiges of my psycho-physical weakness is gone, to return no more. (...) I am cleansed and purified of that dreadful attraction to myself of stray spooks and ethereal affinities. I am free, free, thanks to THOSE whom I now bless at every hour of my life." (Sinnett 1886, 152)
  Madame Blavatsky lived in Philadelphia and to whom she asserted being in debt "for the radical change in my ideas of life", can only be the "messenger and servant – never the equal – of living adepts".
  7. John King – An Initiate
  William Stainton Moses was an English medium who wrote several books under the pseudonym "M. A. Oxon" and who communicated with an entity that called itself "Imperator". Moses’ first contacts with Olcott and Madame Blavatsky were in 1875, after Olcott’s book People from the Other Worlds was published, and a close and long lasting friendship was established. Several passages in the letters of the Masters to Sinnett mention Moses and "Imperator". In a letter referring to John King as an initiate, Olcott recommends Moses to try to talk to John King through the mediums of the time:
  "John doing everything else himself – piecemeal, sometimes by day and sometimes by night. I was in the house most of this time and on more than one occasion sat near her [HPB] while painting, and with her stepped out for a few minutes while the spirit artist drew some portion of the picture, beneath the cloth that was spread over its face. The Greek and Hebrew words and the cabalistic signs were put in last of all." (HPB Speaks I, 78)
  By early April the painting had been sent to General Lippitt with a request that he never part from the portrait, and not let "too many persons touch it, not even approach it too close." (HPB Speaks I, 65). Madame Blavatsky remarked on Lippitt’s reaction to the painting:
  "I am glad you like Johny’s picture, but you must not call him a Turk, for he is a noble dear sprite and loves you much. It is nobody’s fault, if you did not see him till now, as he is in reality, and always thought him to be like the old Jewish half-materialised phyz. you were generally treated to at the Holmes. In London only, he appears as he is; but bearing still on his dear countenance some likeness to his respective mediums, for it is hard for him to change completely the particles drawn by him from various vital powers." (HPB Speaks I, 65)
  10. John King – A Brother of the Order
  On sending the portrait to Lippitt, Madame Blavatsky also said:
  "John asks you to give your attention to the flying figure of the spirit above – "mother and child". Says you will recognise her. I do not. Johny wants you to try and understand all the symbols and masonic signs." (HPB Speaks I, 64).
  Lippitt did not recognize the spirit and, at a later time, Madame Blavatsky identified her as the image of Katie King, who had appeared to General Lippitt in several séances. (HPB Speaks I, 66) As for the symbols that he should try to understand, HPB remarked:
  "Until the whole of the meaning of the symbols on John’s picture is found out, John cannot teach people and – declines to make them wiser. "Try" and find it out, if you can." (HPB Speaks I, 73)
  "They [the words] and the signs and the jewel John King wears upon his breast are all Rosicrucian symbols, he having been a brother of the Order, and this being the tie which binds him to our gifted friend Mme. de B. [Blavatsky]." (HPB Speaks I, 79)
  "...the Cabalistic, employed by Rosicrucians and other Brotherhoods of the Occult Sciences. I am not at liberty to read them out to you, until allowed. Do not take these words for a dodge. I give you my word of honour it is so. John knows to write that way of course, for he belonged as you knew to one of the orders. Preserve all that you may 
  11. John King Cures HPB’s Leg
  In January 1875, HPB fell down trying to move a heavy bed, seriously injuring her knee and almost breaking her leg. Consequently, she was confined to bed. (HPB Speaks II, 163) She said that her leg was becoming paralyzed. (HPB Speaks II, 174) In mid April, HPB reported that John King had cured her leg but, since she had not complied with the bed rest, the injury had gotten worse again:
  "My leg is worse than ever. John had completely cured it, and ordered me rest for three days. I neglected it and from that day feel it getting worse and worse."(HPB Speaks I, 75)
  In a letter to General Lippitt dated June 12, Madame Blavatsky says:
  "You must thank "John King" if your last is answered at all, for Mr. B [Betanelly] is West. I sent him away about the 26th of May, when I was taken so sick, and the Doctors began thinking about depriving me of my best leg, for I thought at that time that I was going "upstairs" pour de bon, and as I hate seeing long faces whiners and weepers and such like things when I am sick, I made him clear out. (...) So I told him to be ready to come back when I write him that I am better, or when somebody else writes him that I am gone home, or "kicked the bucket" as "John" very kindly learned me to say. Well, I did not die quite yet (...); but I am still in bed, very weak, cross, and generally feel mad from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m., so I keep the chap away yet, for his own benefit and my own comfort." (HPB Speaks I, 80)
  "All these days Madame was always the same: three or four times a day loosing power, and laying as one dead for two or three hours at the time, pulse and heart stopped, cold and pale as dead. John King told truth, right away in all. She was in such trance morning Monday and afternoon from three till six; we thought her dead. People say her spirit travels at that time but I don’t know nothing of it, and I simply thought several times, all was finished. (...) John made strange things and materialised his head and kissed her, but as she does not like being kissed, when she got better, she abused him and they have always fights together, as you remember; for she hates when he kisses on the lips." (HPB Speaks I, 93-94)
  This was undoubtedly a period of occult training for HPB, when her psychic powers underwent transformations. As we previously mentioned, Madame Blavatsky had recently acquired the gift of clairvoyance: "Now, for instance, nature has endowed me pretty generously with the second sight, or clairvoyant gifts". (HPB Speaks I, 87). Other changes in her psychic capacities were also taking place during the period.
  12. It Is Not Mediumship: It Is Altogether of a Higher Order
  "Do not be afraid that I am off my head. All that I can say is that someone positively inspires me – ... more than this: someone enters me. It is not I who talk and write: it is something within me, my higher and luminous Self,  that thinks and writes for me. Do not ask me, my friend, what I experience, because I could not explain it to you clearly. I do not know myself! The one thing I know is that now, when I am about to reach old age, I have become a sort of storehouse of somebody else’s knowledge... Someone comes and envelops me as a misty cloud and all at once pushes me out of myself, and then I am not "I" any more – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – but someone else. Someone strong and powerful, born in a totally different region of the world; and as to myself it is almost as if I were asleep, or lying by not quite conscious, – not in my own body but close by, held only by a thread which ties me to it." (Letters of HP Blavatsky, Letter I)
  In 1865, while living in the Caucasus, HPB had also undergone a similar experience. Sinnett told how Madame Blavatsky described the process:
  "Whenever I was called by name, I opened my eyes upon hearing it, and was myself, my own personality in every particular. As soon as I was left alone, however, I relapsed into my usual, half-dreamy condition, and became somebody else (who, namely, Mme. B. will not tell). (...) When awake, and myself, I remembered well who I was in my second capacity, and what I had been and was doing." (Sinnett 1886, 147-8)
  HPB also described to her sister the process by which this "somebody" inhabited her body. She explained that this duality had been taking place since the time when her leg had almost been amputated, when she had been completely healed by a negro, at the request of his "Sahib":
  "He has cured me entirely. And just about this time I have begun to feel a very strange duality. Several times a day I feel that besides me there is someone else, quite separable from me, present in my body. I never lose the consciousness of my own personality; what I feel is as if I were keeping silent and the other one – the lodger who is in me – were speaking with my tongue. (...) But what’s the use of talking about it? It’s enough to drive one mad. I try to throw myself into the part and to forget the strangeness of my situation. This is no mediumship, and by no means an impure power; for that, it has too strong an ascendancy over us all, leading us into better ways. No devil would act like that. ‘Spirits’, maybe? But if it comes to that, my ancient ‘spooks’ dare not approach me any more. It’s enough for me to enter the room where a séance is being held to stop all kinds of phenomena at once, especially materializations. Ah no, this is altogether of
 a higher order! But phenomena of another sort take place more and more frequently under the direction of my No. 2." (Letters of HP Blavatsky, Letter I)
  "When my leg had to be operated (they wanted to operate when the gangrene was developing), the "host" healed me. He was all the time standing near an old negro and he put a little white dog on my leg. Do you remember I wrote to you about this incident? Now he will soon take me and Olcott and several others to India forever, only we must first organize the Society in London. Whether he occupies some other bodies than mine, I do not know. But I know that when he is not here – sometimes for many days – I often hear his voice and answer him "through the sea"; Olcott and others also often see his shadow, sometimes it is solid like a living form, often like smoke; still more often not seen but felt.
  "I am learning only now to leave my body; to do it alone I am afraid, but with him I am afraid of nothing." (HPB Speaks I, 224)
  13. John King – HPB’s "Sahib"
  "It is not I who talk and write: it is something within me (...) The one thing I know is that now, when I am about to reach old age, I have become a sort of storehouse of somebody else’s knowledge". (Letters of HP Blavatsky, Letter I)
  14. John King and Master Morya
  15. John King Saved My Life Three Times
  "I know John for 14 years. Not a day but he is with me; he made acquaintance with all Petersburg and half of Russia under the name of Janka, or "Johny"; he travelled with me all over the world. Saved my life three times, at Mentana, in a shipwreck, and the last time near Spezia when our steamer was blown in the air, to atoms and out of 400 passengers remained but 16, in 1871, 21 of June." (HPB Speaks I, 84)
  "Now, I won’t undertake to say and testify in a court of justice that my John, is the John of London séances, John of the "Phosphorus lamp," though I am pretty sure he is, and he says so. But the mysteries of the spirit world are so mixed up, they present such a wonderful inextricable labyrinth that – who can tell?" (HPB Speaks I, 84)
  16. This Power I Have Been Acquainted with From Childhood
  "My dear friend, I can tell you but that which I told you from the first, whether I am believed or not by the rest of the world. The satin picture with the exceptions stated by me, was not done by me, but by that power I called John King; the power which assumed the features and generic name of John King; for it is a generic name and accounts for the many contradicting statements from and about him, the John King in different parts of the world. This power I have been acquainted with from my childhood, but saw his face, as you say, years before, on a voyage (when Mr. Blavatsky was Governor at Erivan, capital of Armenia, not at Tiflis)." (HPB Speaks I, 237)
  18. Albert Rawson, HPB’s Companion During Her First Trips
  19. Paulos Metamon
  21. Identification of John King
  "It is stated by Mr. Lillie that I conversed with this "spirit" (John King) during fourteen years, "constantly, in India and elsewhere." To begin with, I here assert that I had never heard the name of "John King" before 1873. True it is, I have told Colonel Olcott and many others that the form of a man, with a dark pale face, black beard, and white flowing garments and fettah, that some of them had met about the house and my rooms, was that of a "John King". I had given him that name for reasons that will be fully explained very soon, and I laughed heartily at the easy way the astral body of a living man could be mistaken for, and accepted as, a spirit. And I had told them that I had known that "John King" since 1860; for it was the form of an Eastern adept, who has since gone for his final initiation, passing through and visiting us in his living body on his way, at Bombay. (...) I have known and conversed with many a "John King" in my life – a generic name for more
 than one spook – but thank heaven, I was never yet "controlled" by one! My mediumship has been crushed out of me a quarter of century or more; and I defy loudly all the "spirits" of the Kama-loka to approach – let alone to control me now." (CW VI, 271)
  Madame Blavatsky’s acceptance of these attitudes from a spirit? As previously seen, HPB had already developed her powers to the point that she would have never allowed a discarnate spirit to challenge or influence her. As she explained:
  "I have known and conversed with many a "John King" in my life – a generic name for more than one spook – but thank heaven, I was never yet "controlled" by one! My mediumship has been crushed out of me a quarter of a century or more; and I defy loudly all the "spirits" of the Kama-loka to approach – let alone to control me now." (CW VI, 271)

carlosaveline <> wrote:                                  Friends,
 Daniel Caldwell has not had the time to investigate who paid a Holy Bribe to Mr. Soloviof for his servies against the theosophical movement. 
 In the case of  the Coulombs -- whose lies are also insistently publicized by Daniel Caldwell -- the bribe, at least part of it, was 150 rupees.
 I have not succeeed so far in geting data on the fund-raising tactics of modern publicists for such lies against the movement. 
 Best regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline.
 Data:Tue, 04 Jul 2006 01:00:08 -0000
 Assunto:Theos-World Comparing & Contrasting: Letters of H.P.B. to V.S. Solovyoff
 > Comparing & Contrasting:
 > Letters of H.P.B. to V.S. Solovyoff
 > In the book A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS , the
 > author V.S. Solovyoff gives transcriptions of many of
 > the letters he said H. P. Blavatsky wrote to him.
 > Now since Solovyoff turned against H.P.B. and
 > characterized her in this book as a fraud, one might
 > wonder if he has forged or tampered with any of
 > H.P.B.'s supposed letters.
 > Take for example, the H.P.B. letter dated May 23, 1885
 > and transcribed on pp. 122-127 in A MODERN PRIESTESS.
 > Is this letter a complete forgery palmed off as
 > genuine H.P.B. or is it at least a letter that has
 > been tampered with. And should the historian or the
 > student of H.P.B.'s life place any stock in the letter
 > or simply reject the letter as spurious HPB?
 > Some time ago a student of H.P.B. in correspondence
 > with me said that this letter was obviously forged
 > since H.P.B. could never have written the words:
 > "[Franz Hartmann]...has turned our devoted [William
 > Q.] Judge, when [Judge was] despatched [in 1884] by
 > Olcott from Paris to Adyar, into our enemy." Quoted
 > from V.S. Solovyoff's A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS, p.
 > 125.
 > The correspondent spent more than 1 page of text
 > explaining all about Judge and trying to show that HPB
 > would could never have written those words. And since
 > those words are obviously a forgery than the whole
 > letter must be a forgery and therefore rejected. Such
 > was his reasoning.
 > But is there some way to verify or falsify whether
 > these disputed words of HPB are her words or not?
 > According to my correspondent it was obvious that HPB
 > could never have written what is in this letter,
 > therefore these words are not hers
 > But the fact is that there is at least one genuine
 > letter of HPB's that, in fact, confirms the accuracy
 > of what she allegedly said in the letter to Solovyoff.
 > I have quoted portions of the confirming letter at:
 > And if you carefully read, study and compare her
 > letter to Judge which is dated May 1, 1885 with the
 > letter in question, that is, her letter to Solovyoff
 > dated May 23, 1885, you can see that much of the
 > subject matter in her letter to Solovyff is confirmed
 > in the letter she had written to Judge himself only 3
 > weeks before.
 > It is this technique of comparing and contrasting
 > genuine letters of HPB with the disputed Solovyoff
 > letters that can lead one to the conclusion that these
 > letters of HPB to Solovyoff are probably genuine.
 > In fact, if you take this technique of comparing what
 > can be learned of this TIME PERIOD thru letters, diary
 > entries, reminiscences of the time, etc. these
 > supposed HPB letters to Solovyoff seem to accurately
 > portray either known historical facts and details or
 > what HPB is known to have written elsewhere.
 > And an observation that should also be made is that if
 > Solovyoff was actually forging these HPB letters, why
 > didn't he include something that would be really
 > damaging such as a confession from her that she had
 > faked the Mahatma letters or the Masters or her
 > psychic phenomena.
 > Now Solovyoff in his narrative does claim that she
 > VERBALLY told him certain things that would show her
 > as a fraud but in her letters as transcribed in MODERN
 > PRIESTESS OF ISIS, such admissions are not there.
 > (There is one letter of hers to Solovyoff known as her
 > "Confession" letter which might be construed in a
 > negative way but as several authors have pointed out:
 > this negative "interpretation"
 > doesn't hold up on a close reading of the letter in
 > question.")
 > Solovyoff's book is a valuable historical record but
 > of course one needs to use some of the material with
 > caution. Certainly persons interested in the
 > relationship between Solovyoff and Blavatsky should
 > read other material that helps one to understand
 > these events.
 > Some of the works that should be consulted are:
 > (1)Cranston's HPB biography (the chapter on Solovyoff)
 > (2)Beatrice Hasting's "Solovyoff's Fraud"
 > (3)K.F. Vania's book on HPB
 > (4)the valuable appendix A in MODERN PRIESTESS which
 > is a partial translation of HPB's sister Vera's
 > defense pamphlet in answer to Solovyoff's book.
 > And several other books and documents.
 > It should be noted that Boris de Zirkoff, the compiler
 > of HPB's Collected Writings, even uses material in
 > Solovyoff's book to document various events in the
 > "Chronological Survey" of HPB's life
 > for the years 1884, 1885 and 1886.
 > Now on Theos-Talk Carlos Aveline has almost constantly
 > been reciting the mantra of slanders, lies, falsehoods
 > about both the Solovyoff and Coulomb books. And
 > certainly one must use these books with caution especially
 > since both authors turned against H.P.B.
 > But to throw the baby out with the bathwater, that is,
 > to completely ignore these books seems equally foolish
 > since these books do contain valuable historical data.
 > Again Carlos also wants to characterize anyone who
 > uses this material as somehow the "enemy" of HPB and
 > Theosophy. His favorite words apparently are:
 > "slander" and "slanderer."
 > Daniel
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