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Does Aveline agree with Tillett that Cranston's bio is a "shoddy hagiography"?

Jul 04, 2006 02:14 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Gregory Tillett wrote not many months ago on Theos-Talk:


I think that a serious, scholarly biography of Blavatsky (and I
don't think Meade accomplished that, but she's worthy of a Nobel
Prize compared with the shoddy hagiography produced by Cranston) or
an equally scholarly study of her foundation of the Theosophical
Society (and I don't think Johnson accomplished that, but compared
to his in-house competitors his name must be engraved on an Oscar)
would make for absolutely remarkable reading....

Notice what Tillett writes about Cranston's biography
of H.P. Blavatsky:

"the shoddy hagiography"

Does Aveline agree with Tillett that Cranston's biography is 
a "shoddy hagiography"? If not, why not?

It would also be most informative (possibly to some readers on Theos-
Talk) to know why Tillett characterizes Cranston's work in such 
terms. If Tillett is still reading posts from this forum, maybe he 
will be so kind as to share his thinking on this topic.


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