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Re: Theosophy World #121, July 1, 2006 and self-approval

Jul 04, 2006 11:49 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>By the United Lodge of Theosophists


>The growing awareness that the world is one,
>physically, morally, and mentally, and that even
>the smallest
>action reverberates globally, is reflected in the
>face of ULT. Efforts in Greece, Brazil, Portugal,
>and Australia,
>for example, stem from the determination of a few
>individuals who
>have had the courage to recognize the value of a
>non-dogmatic approach to the teachings of

What a self-approvalish nonsense hot air and quite
contrary from the truth of ULT history, therefore
a conscious lie!
No superstitions are more absurd than the dogmas
of the ULT and their dead-letter believe.

How can any sane man take Theosophy serious when 
he/she/it reads such untrue propaganda junk.

Look for example the ULT controlled, so-called
"Blavatsky-Net", where you can find their house
"HOUSE RULES: This is a non-smoking section -
please put out the cig while visiting this area of
the site."

In other words: the smoking Blavatsky has no place
on the Blavatsky Net - as Christ has no place in
the Christian Churches!

Theosophists, stand up against that psychic,
emotional, perverse monster of induced madness!

Poor HPB never longed for such flapdoodle
self-styled smart alecks!



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