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Meaning of the double triangle.

May 31, 2006 11:10 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Dear All;
Can anyone give the answer to this:
why HPB (SD 591)wrote the double triangle wrongly called  "Solomons 

that produce the Septinary and the Triad at one and the same time 
and are the Decad, whatever way this sign is ec=xamined, as all the 
tem numbers are contained there in.For with a point in the middle or 
centre it is a sevenfold sign; the triangles denote number 3; the 
two triangles show the presence of the binary; the triangles with 
the central point common to both yield the quaternary; the six oints 
are the senary; and the central poit , the unit; the quinary being 
traced by combination, as a compound of two triangles, the even 
number, and of three sides in each triangle. the first odd number.
This is the reason why Pythagoras and the ancients made the number 
six sacret to Venus, since "the union of the two sexes, and the 
spagyrization of matter by triads are necessary to develope the 
generative force, that prolific virtue and tendency to reproduction 
which is inherent in all bodies.

I think I have found the answer the official Salomons seal have 3 
equilateral triangles.Enneagram.

And the Davidstar of the Jews is not the solomons seal, but the same 
as TS have, means philosophical fires and  waters, whence results 
the procreation of the elements of all things.

Or is there another explanation?

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