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Re: John, Tiahuanacu and HPB

May 31, 2006 08:23 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear John,

Thanks a lot. Useful indeed. I will include these indications in my files.

Regards,  Carlos.


Data:Wed, 31 May 2006 01:21:51 EDT

Assunto:Re: Theos-World John, Tiahuanacu and HPB

> Carlos,
> Prof. Arthuro Posnansky's "Tiahuanaco - Cradle of American Man" Quatro Vol. 
> 1948 is published by the Government of Bolivia, he is a National Hero of 
> Bolivia. Posnansky lived there for over twenty years researching Tiahuanaco, He 
> did the exhaustive catalog of the site.
> If you can get a copy also of "The Calendar of Tiahuanaco - The Measuring 
> System of the Oldest Civilization" by Hans Schindler Ballamy and Peter Allen 
> 1956. It has the decipherment of the Glyphs of Tiahuanaco laid out with focus 
> upon the Gate of the Sun Monolith. Bellamy and Allen published also based upon 
> their research:
> The Great Idol of Tiahuanaco (an 18 ft. high Figure covered with glyphs)
> Built Before the Flood
> Moons Myths and Man (the capture of the moon before our present moon)
> A Life History of our Earth
> The Atlantis Myth
> The Book of Revelation is History
> In The Beginning God
> Toro Muerto is an ancient site on a slope of a wind driven mountain and has 
> thousands of pieces of stones that have glyphs carved on the side away from the 
> wind, one stone there hasa glyph identical to conntent the Experiencer detail 
> in a projection drawing in 1976. No one knows where they originated from or 
> why they are found there.
> The Marchausi Plateau is in the Andes and has natural stone figures of:
> Pharaoh
> Crocodile
> Hippopotamus 
> and other figures which George Hunt Wiliamson photographed and published in 
> his books, they are quite unique and impressive.
> John
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