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RE: [theosophia] Re: Reincarnation - Pan Vision

May 31, 2006 06:04 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

5/31/2006 4:57 AM

	Are we linked Karmically to other "Planets?"

Steve  -- 

Yours gives an  excellent emphasis, I think.  (below)

However, you say   "Otherwise karma chooses the quality and location in the
of our bodies, etherial or otherwise. Karma being the law of cause and
effect, it is within our minds to live and choose. Karma being only the
results of that."

If, it might picture for some of us a wandering, fanciful visit to other
planets out of curiosity, say, THEOSOPHY (as I read it teaches) does not
view this possible.  We are not given any precise information about the
nature of development going on there.  In effect we are asked to "clean up"
our own "psychic nature/principle - KAMA,  and KAMA-MANAS" morally.  

Hence the expression BROTHERHOOD is used -- as we have no accurate present
recollections of past and intimate relationships then.

That is: So long as our personal Karma links us closely to the vast host of
Monads that now form the present "Earth Chain," of Monads of which we are a

But perhaps I am being too "picky."

I have noticed some statements made here and there in THEOSOPHY indicating
the planets of our "Earth Chain" seem to have a relation to one or an other
of our 7 "principles."   But to secure greater detail I think a close study
of such  hints as are given is to be done personally.



Some Quotes:

20.	When we come again, we do not take up the body of someone else, nor
another's deeds;  but, are like an actor who plays many parts...the great
life of the soul is a drama, and each new life and rebirth, another act in
which we assume another part.   	OCEAN of THEOSOPHY  p. 74

21.	The friends and relatives which are like unto each other must
incarnate together until, by reason of differentiation of character, they
cannot undo the law of attraction [and so] remain in company.  Not unless
and until they become different do they separate from each other.
ECHOES  p. 45

22.	Those whom you help will help you in other lives.  The very moment
we come near to where they are, they at once extend assistance...Thus the
members of the  whole human family reciprocally act on one another.
ECHOES. p. 45-6

23.	The powers of mind and the laws governing its motion, its
attachments, and its detachments show that its reembodiment must be
here...To permit the involved entity to transfer itself to another scene
before it had overcome all the causes drawing it here and without having
worked out its responsibilities to other entities would be contrary to the
powerful forces which continually operate upon it.  	OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY.
p. 79

26.	All the matter which the human Ego gathered to it retains the stamp
or photographic impression of the human being, the matter transmigrates to
the lower level when given an animal impress by the ego.     	OCEAN

27.	Since we are made up of a mass of lives, our thoughts and acts
affect those atoms or lives, and impress them with a darma [duty] of their
own.		ECHOES  p.  40

28.	Nature intends us to use the matter which comes into our bodies and
astral body for the purpose among others, of benefiting the matter by the
impress it gets from association with the human retains the stamp
or photographic impression of the human being;  the matter transmigrates to
the lower level when given an animal impress by the Ego.
		OCEAN of THEOSOPHY  p.  68

30.	The course of evolution is the drama of the soul.  There are beings
in the universe whose intelligence is as much beyond ours, as ours exceeds
that of the black beetle;  and, who take an active part in the government of
the natural order of things.		OCEAN of THEOSOPHY  p.  2

31.	The nature of each incarnation depends upon the balance as struck of
the merit and demerit of the previous life or lives-upon the way the man has
lived and thought; and this law is inflexible and wholly just.	EPITOME  p.

32.	"That which is known as 'you' is the result of one continuous
existence of an entity.  Your present body and your soul (or the
personality) are the results of a series of co-existence.  The
Individuality, or spirit, is the cause of the Soul, and personality, or what
is called 'you.'  You are the manifestation of an entity and are the result
of many appearances of that entity upon the stage of action in various
personalities."	   W.Q.J. ARTICLES  Vol. II p. 452

33.	Memory of a prior life does not prove we passed through that, nor is
non-remembering an objection.  We forget the greater part of the events of
the years and days of this life.  The entire effect on the character is kept
and made a part of ourselves.  The whole mass of detail is preserved in the
inner man to be one day fully brought back when we are perfected.  All are
subject to the limitations imposed on the Ego by the new brain in each life.

34.	By living according to the dictates of the Soul, the brain may at
last be made porous to the Soul's recollections...We should be very
miserable if the deeds and scenes of our former lives were not hidden from
our view until by discipline we became able to bear a knowledge of them.


35.	What we now use as our organic or fleshy matter will have changed by
transformation through evolution into Self-Conscious Thinkers.	OCEAN of

36.	The most intelligent being in the universe, man, has never...been
without a friend, but has a line of "elder brothers" who continually watch
over the progress of the less progressed, preserve the knowledge gained, and
continually seek for opportunities of drawing the developing intelligence of
the race to consider the great truths concerning the destiny of soul.  

37.	The Elder Brothers of humanity [Masters of Wisdom] are men who were
perfected in former periods of evolution ... when, out of the Great Unknown,
there came forth the visible universes (which)...are eternal in their coming
and going.  The object of these mighty waves is the production of perfect
Man, the evolution...after the struggle to acquire piety, of the soul which
consists in knowing God, and injuring none, such a soul becomes all
    	OCEAN of THEOSOPHY p. 6           

38.	The most exalted beings still in the flesh are known as Sages,
Rishis, Brothers, Masters.  The  process of evolution up to reunion with the
Divine is and includes successive elevation from rank to rank of power and
usefulness...the process of spiritual  development (includes)...entire
eradication of selfishness...cultivation of broad, generous sympathy in, and
effort for the good of others...cultivation of  the inner, spiritual man by
meditation...control of fleshly appetites and desires...careful performance
of every duty.	EPITOME  p.  24-25

39.	Inherent ideas, common to the whole race, are due to recollection of
such ideas implanted in the human mind at the very beginning of its
evolutionary career by those Brothers and sages who were perfected in former
ages long before the development of this globe began.

40.	Once a man, always a man.  Evolution, having brought Manas the
Thinker and Immortal Person on to this plane, cannot send him back to the
brute which has not Manas.   

58.	Man is not yet fully conscious, and reincarnations  are needed to at
last complete the incarnation of the whole trinity in the body.  When that
has been accomplished the race will have become as gods, and as the godlike
trinity being in full possession, the entire mass of matter will be
perfected and raised up for the next step.     OCEAN of THEOSOPHY  p.  71

59.	Man is to rely on the One Consciousness, which in him is his Higher
Self [Atma-Buddhi--Spirit].		GITA NOTES  p. 98

60.	The one consciousness of each person is the Witness or Spectator of
the actions and experiences of every state we are in or pass through.

61.	Antaskarana is the lower Manas, the path of communication between
the personality and the higher Manas, or human Soul.	VOICE OF THE SILENCE
p. 55 fn.

62.	We come back to earth because on it and with the beings upon it our
deeds were performed;  it is the only proper place where punishment and
reward can be justly meted out;  here is the only natural spot in which to
continue the struggle toward perfection, development of the faculties we
have, and the  destruction of the wickedness in us."

63.	No man can by any possibility, or favor, or edict, or belief escape
the consequences of the causes he sets up, and each one who grasps this
doctrine will be moved by conscience and the whole power of nature to do
well in order that he may receive good and become happy.

66.	The law of Reincarnation drags us into life again and again,
bringing with us uncounted times the various Egos whom we have known in
prior order that the causes generated in company with those Egos
may be worked out.	ECHOES  p.  39

67.	We are, in this life, responsible for the civilization in which we
now appear. 
   	   OCEAN of THEOSOPHY  p. 73

68.	Reward and punishment must be the just desert for prior conduct.
Nature's law of justice is not imperfect.  In a prior life the doer was then
quite aware of what he did, and, nature affixes consequences to his acts,
being thus just.	OCEAN of THEOSOPHY  p. 75

69.	Heredity in giving us a body in any family provides the appropriate
environment for the Ego, which goes only in to the family which either
completely  answers to its whole nature, or which gives an opportunity for
the working out of its evolution.	

70.	Heredity provides the tenement, and also imposes those limitations
of capacity of brain or body, which are often a  punishment, and sometimes,
a help;  but it does not affect the Real Ego.  The limitations of any family
heredity are exact consequences of that Ego's prior lives.

71.	Each human has a definite character, different from every other.
These differences, both individual and national, are not due to education.
Heredity  furnishes the appropriate place for receiving reward and
punishment, and is not the cause for the essential nature shown by everyone.

72.	[The Universe may be envisioned as] endless evolution and
re-involution (or re-absorption) of the Kosmos;  a process
without a beginning, or an end.  Our Kosmos and Nature will run down  only
to reappear on a more perfect plane after every PRALAYA  ( A Universal
'night' of rest and dissolution that ends with a re-formation).	SECRET
DOCTRINE  I  p. 148 & 149

73.	The world evolves just as man does.  It is now conditioned as the
actual result of its past.  It is born, grows old, dies, and is
reincarnated.  This goes on  many times, and during those incarnations it
suffers and enjoys in its own way for its previous evolutions.	ECHOES  p.

74.	Our Earth is one of a chain of planets, it alone being on the
visible plane.  Humanity passes from globe to globe in a series of 'rounds,'
first circling about each globe, and reincarnating upon it a fixed number of
times.  This incarnation is not single, but repeated;  each individuality
becomes re-embodied during numerous existences in successive races and
planets of our chain, and accumulating the experiences of each incarnation
towards its perfection.	EPITOME  p. 16, 22

75.	So far as concerns this globe the number of Egos belonging to it is
definite.  The total is vast.  Each Ego, for itself, varies the length of
stay in the Post mortem states.  Whenever there occurs a great number of
deaths by war, pestilence, or famine, there is at once a rush of souls to
incarnation, either in the same place or in some other place or race.


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Regarding this reincarnation issue, I think a useful question for 
Carlos to have asked would have been: What causes it? 

Simply put, according to the ancient Wisdom Religion or Theosophy-It is

We are driven into re-birth by the diseqilibrium caused and left behind by

    True, it does not have to be this way. Those beings whom we have 
called Mahatmas, Bodhisattvas, Adepts, etc. have learned to act 
within the laws of responsibility and Universal respect for all 
beings, and the consequence of this is a Path of eqilibrium. 

They do not have to repeat what they have left undone, having left little 
undone. For beings of this ilk, they, unlike us (for many life times 
to come at least) are left to choose their births.
     Otherwise karma chooses the quality and location in the Universe 
of our bodies, etherial or otherwise. Karma being the law of cause 
and effect, it is within our minds to live and choose. Karma being 
only the results of that.

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