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Re: Theos-World THEOSOPHY - Is it possible?

May 30, 2006 10:40 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello Leon,
You said it beautifully. What caught my interest was the comment made on contact from the Masters.  This was raised on Theos-fight in the context of "will the real Maitreya stand up" if you get my meaning!  Are the sources you mention credible? as I am sure that they watch over us with a protective fatherly approach.

Hope you are keeping well
Cass wrote: Carlos,

I don't think you have really understood theosophy and why it was given out 
when it was.   Judging from your commentaries, I doubt that you have even 
studied any of the inner (occult) truths hidden in the secret Doctrine -- for 
"intuitive students" to dig out for themselves.   If you had, you could never say 
any of the things you did about Blavatsky, the Secret Doctrine, or the 
fundamental theosophy it teaches.   So, from my point of view, it's apparent that 
everything you did say is based solely on ignorance of those truths.   But then, 
it's understandable, since all newbees think they know enough to make judgments 
about things they know very little of. :-) 

So, all you need to quaff your "thirst for more and more" is just to dig a 
little deeper -- which might (if you can handle it) take several years of 
serious study of all the Secret Doctrine's inner depths along with all its 
references to the ancient wisdom -- that hasn't changed one bit in more than 5,000 
years.   All you need is your own intuition awakened through a proper practice of 
Rajah Yoga meditation.   

But, then, like most people today, you might want it all spoon fed to you.   
But that isn't going to happen... Since theosophy is only for those willing to 
study it through "their own self devised and self determined efforts."   The 
goal, of course, being; to attain individual "'self realization' so as to be 
better able to help and teach others."

For one thing, theosophy has nothing to say about the world we experience 
outside of ourselves.   And this includes all the miseries of our material world 
brought on by ignorance of the fundamental principles and of the inner truths 
of Cosmogenesis and its metaphysics and evolution, along with the truths of 
reincarnation and karma.   

The theosophical teachings are timeless, and have never been concerned with 
the state of the world during this period of Kali Yuga that has to inevitably 
run it's course...   But, is concerned only with our inner spiritual life and 
our becoming a "nuclius of universal brotherhood."

What has that to do with crop circles, UFO's, and other world changes that 
are purely material phenomena that are constantly changing and have no real 
relationship to the infinite inner life theosophy teaches us about (with the help 
of the Voice of the Silence, The Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali's Yoga 
Aphorisms)?   What more of a "revelation" do we want or need to become a true 

As for enlarging theosophy, how can a knowledge of "Portals" or the "Mayan 
calendar" have anything to do with its fundamental teachings?   Anything one 
needs to know about those other things (we call them "side issues") are well 
covered in many other "Mystery Schools" that can easily be found on the Internet.  
 But, why waste your time, when everything taught by those other 
"revelations" are all in the Secret doctrine, its references, and other writings of HPB, 
WQJ and some of their direct students like Perucker, Farthing, etc. -- whom I 
suggest you also study before thinking you know anything about true theosophy.  

The real "duty" of theosophists isn't in "enlarging it's scope" -- but in 
practicing its teachings of altruism and universal brotherhood, and spread 
broadcasting it to the outer world by the example of our own individual and group 
actions.   Anything else is just adding onto the mistakes and distortions given 
to it by the later pseudo theosophists who came after Blavatsky -- from Annie 
Besant, through Charles Leadbeater, to Alice Bailey... All of whom tried to 
turn it into another religion no better than all those that already exists and 
that have, if not led, not been able to prevent the world from following its 
present materialistic path to near destruction (which, incidentally, is 
absolutely necessary before the phoenix of a truer theosophical world can rise out of 
its ashes).   

What makes you think that adding or enlarging theosophy, and turning it into 
a new religion with new revelations (that only a Master can give) can do any 
better?   Besides, those revelations can only add to and further clarify what 
is already hidden under the intentionally "blinded" dead letter gloss of the 
Secret doctrine.   Better now to prepare ourselves with what is already 
available so as to be able to assist the new 6th sub-racers coming in this Aquarian 
age -- so they don't get caught up in the materialism of the past Millennium.

The reason HPB said the SD was only "fragments of the Secret doctrine", was 
that the Masters intentionally (and rightly so) held back the bulk of the 
occult teachings (such as those related to the "correlation of forces" and so 
called "magic") that would give terrible power to the majority of this world 
steeped in untrammeled greed and selfishness -- that no amount of spiritual teaching 
could change.   In fact all the "new spiritual movements" have added nothing 
to the teachings of theosophy -- except, perhaps, to distort them beyond all 
recognition.   Also, any sort of psychic teachings for purposes of attaining 
individual "powers" have nothing to do with theosophy -- which teaches only a 
Rajah-Jnana yoga leading to enlightenment or self realization.   How anyone 
could call that "obsolete" is beyond all comprehension.   Especially coming from a 
Brazilian -- where the Aquarian age children have been appearing since the 
beginning of the new theosophical cycle in the last quarter of the 20th century.

Since true theosophy, no matter when it originates, has no "dogma" (as it is 
not and could never be an "organized religion") -- any additions to its 
fundamental teachings by ignorant students, or those not yet initiated by a Master, 
could only make things worse for the world and the coming "indigo" children.

Therefore, the best advice I can give you, would be to seriously study 
theosophy and its ageless wisdom from its original sources -- before even thinking 
of changing it into another hierarchical organizational entity concerned only 
with the state or conditions of the present world around us.   Anyone who wants 
to know about any of that can easily find it on Google -- without trying to 
make theosophy into something it was never intended by the Masters to become. 

Incidentally (for those ready and perceptive enough to see it) the Masters 
are still here... And if they wanted to add some new teaching to bring theosophy 
up to date in the 21st century, they would give it out to a chosen messenger 
-- like they've already done several times in this new cycle of the 
theosophical movement since 1975.   So, there already are "new theosophical teachings" 
that go beyond the basic outline in the secret Doctrine -- without in any way 
making those fundamental teachings less valuable or obsolete.

Go look, and you'll find.

Best wishes,

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