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Re: Theos-World John, Tiahuanacu and HPB

May 30, 2006 10:26 PM
by samblo

  Prof. Arthuro Posnansky's "Tiahuanaco - Cradle of American Man" Quatro Vol. 
1948 is published by the Government of Bolivia, he is a National Hero of 
Bolivia. Posnansky lived there for over twenty years researching Tiahuanaco, He 
did the exhaustive catalog of the site.
  If you can get a copy also of "The Calendar of Tiahuanaco - The Measuring 
System of the Oldest Civilization" by Hans Schindler Ballamy and Peter Allen 
1956. It has the decipherment of the Glyphs of Tiahuanaco laid out with focus 
upon the Gate of the Sun Monolith. Bellamy and Allen published also based upon 
their research:

The Great Idol of Tiahuanaco (an 18 ft. high Figure covered with glyphs)
Built Before the Flood
Moons Myths and Man (the capture of the moon before our present moon)
A Life History of our Earth
The Atlantis Myth
The Book of Revelation is History
In The Beginning God

Toro Muerto is an ancient site on a slope of a wind driven mountain and has 
thousands of pieces of stones that have glyphs carved on the side away from the 
wind, one stone there hasa glyph identical to conntent the Experiencer detail 
in a projection drawing in 1976. No one knows where they originated from or 
why they are found there.

The Marchausi Plateau is in the Andes and has natural stone figures of:
and other figures which George Hunt Wiliamson photographed and published in 
his books, they are quite unique and impressive.


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