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Re: Theos-World THEOSOPHY - Is it possible?

May 30, 2006 10:25 PM
by Cass Silva

No person appears to review something new or actual, something that really approaches of themes like "Crop Circles", the "actual moment, as a transition one", the "UFO phenomena" and so on... and thereīs much more. And I think: Where are the "fundamental principles" capable of treating subjects like these, helping us to understand our world, our MODERN one? 


So bearing this in mind Carlos, all the correlation of forces direct the different shapes in nature.  This might explain the HOW, but it doesn't explain the WHY.  We could speculate by saying that crop circles are symbolic representation of planetary aspects affecting the earth at the moment.   We could speculate that crop circles are caused by left hand magicians directing the nature spirits to confuse humanity in providing a mystery that is, as yet, inexplicable.

The Lord of the World (9th initiation,1st Ray, Atmic Energy-power will for theosophists) The Lord of the World wills and orders all events for men and angels, within his consciousness is recorded everything which happens on all the seven planes of our globe.  His aura pervades the entire earth, he is aware of all that happens within that Aura.  No act is so secret but he knows, no injustice so small but he records it.  
The King is an Adept of the Venus scheme who came to Earth 6.5 million years agao after humanity was transferred from the Moon Chain to the Earth Chain.  He is knows as Sanat Kumara. (Taken from personal notes, not referenced-sorry)

So we can speculate that Venusians were here, whether they required space ships for the journey is anyone's guess, but it sounds reasonable, and is supported by ancient cave markings etc.

Carlos wrote: Related to the (3) affirmation, thereīs a simple and direct question: What Misteries? The same and old discourses that we see at any corner, at any book? I woud advise to not waste paper with a old fashioned talking!

Cass: You must remember that when HPB brought the knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom, it was at a time that had been dominated by Christian thought for 2500 centures.  What she was saying was in direct opposition to christendom and if it had been 100 years earliers she probably would have been burned as a heretic.  However, she came, when science was in its embryonic state, brought about by Darwin.  Basically the ancient wisdom or mystery is

Again taken from my personal notes which I didn't reference
There is an inner Government of the World fulfilling a Divine Plan, God's plan which is evolution.  Mighty beings guide every event, every deed, good and bad are used by them to achieve a particular part of the plan of the Logos.

All that occurs is the self revelation of the Logos - his life reveals itself stage by stage and all forms of life and consciousness are related to each other in a ladder of evolution.  The higher on the evolutionary ladder the more of the Logos is revealed.

Every globe within the Solar System has a body of Ministers who carry out His plan for that globe, and the Hierarchy on our Earth, is known as the Great White Brotherhood.  This is not a mere association of Supermen, but LIVING ORGANISMS which contain LIFE ENERGIES of the LOGOS.  Each Adept has a particular function as part of the hierarchichal order.

The Logos when in manifestation works as a Trinity so all his energies flow through three ministers and they are the channels of the energies of the Triplicity.  The Ministers are the Lord of the World (power will aspect)  The Boddhisatva (wisdom aspect) the Mahachohan (divine mind) Love, the keeper of the records.

This study although for you will only take minutes, for me took years and years of digestion and assimilation, and until you understand this at a heart level, will never be fully appreciated.

Carlos wrote: Does Theosophy, as has been presented, really see humanity as constanly evolving to a higher level? What level? At a level that stopped in 1934 and is now being called "New Theosophy", with all its contradictions?

Cass:  I think I have answered this question with my previous comments.  Theosophy is a living truth if it is applied to current events, within Theosophy is the answer to all current dilemmas, however, you have to dig deep to get to the gold.

Carlos wrote: A Theosophy dealing with our modern world, with all its stress, waterīs disappearance, homosexuality, speciesīs extinction, growing catastrophes, forthcoming of new diseases, the reason of the growing usage of drugs, the Anti-Christīs controversy, the UFO and so forth! These are the marks of our world and is a pity that the great part of people is talking about a dead world, a world of "letters" and about and unreal "Tibet".

Cass: All of the above are answered in Theosophy in the study of evolution and cycles.  There is a time and place for everything.  The extinction of a species means the re-emergence in a more highly evolved form of matter. What you see as devastating to the earth, Theosophy sees as a cleansing or necessary refreshment, in order that the phoenix may rise again.  Tibet, like all great cultures reach a zenith and then decay, not unlike Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc. It is a natural progression, and although we have compassion for those who are suffering through it, and can offer only our empathy and cash to help the victims.HPB flatly denies the existence of Jesus as a God, and hence by extraction, the denial of the existence of an Anti-Christ.  This is christian bullshit.  She says that an Avatar will come but it will not be for many many more rounds and cycles.  In fact, by the time this occurs we will have personal experience of the invisible side of the universe and will not
 need to be saved from anything or anyone.

Do you know that Tibet is disappearing (perhaps disappeared), with the chinese destroying its traditions? This is our world!

Not only is Tibet disappearing but many other continents will feel the deluge, but this has been brought on by necessity to ensure the evolutionary wave continues.  Death is not final.

What is the esoteric meaning of this fact? Would be the "transition" of the spirituality to the South America? 

Cass:  Don't know enough about your culture and traditions to offer a sound response, however, it seems as though the christian culture has led to much abuse and tyranny.  The old systems will simply not vanish, nor be usurped without a violent reaction to shake its foundations.  Things are slowly changing in the world, many millions now cannot adhere to a Christian or Muslim philosophy, we are still not in the majority but the balance is moving.

Carlos wrote :Have you listened about Portals or Mayaīs calendar yet? What Theosophy has to talk about it?

Cass: Of course we have, Mitsui Kaku, (String Theorist) is already suggesting that there are parallel dimensions and portals through which we access them.  Personally believe his chakras have been vivified and he has experienced it for himself, but that is pure speculation.

As far as the Mayans are concerned, HPB wrote much on Peru.  If you are referring to 2012, I would hazzard a guess that the Christians have jumped on board this boat and are tying it in with the Apocolyptic tragedy.  My personal belief is that the world, as we know it now, will not appear the same as it will in 2012.  Some continents may sink, some may have their shorelines changed.  We already have evidence of global warming and the thawing of the Ice Caps.  I do not hold with the idea that there will be a rapture and we will be automatically upgraded spiritually.  As there was a previous Ice Age, it is more than probable that another one is in the making, so get your huggy boots and a warm coat!

Carlos wrote: Unfortunately, I see the Thesophy dying... dying in an out-of-date literature, holding itself in a dogmatism like the Church and Vatican. 

Cass: It is possible, because Theosophy requires dedication and commitment, it is simply not reading a catechism which sets out the answers clearly enough for a child to understand.  But you are right, unless Theosophy addresses the issues of 2006 many will not take the time to understand the ancient wisdom, but would rather be spoon fed, the same old porridge.

Carlos wrote: I donīt think that Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Annie Besant and others have failed. On the contrary, I see them as a "start point" and is our duty to enlarge its frontiers.

Cass:  I agree

Blavatsky said:

"It is needless to explain that this book is not the Secret Doctrine in its entirety, but a select number of fragments.."

And I see people looking for the Secret Doctrine (the "fragments") as the Final Revelation! No! It is just "fragments"!

It is just 1%... and this undermost quantity of water is not capable to avert our thirst! It is necessary more, much more... 

Cass: Exactly, and you have to expand the fragment into the flower.  No-one can do it for you.  It is a personal journey, with perhaps a few along the way sharing their experience.

Carlos wrote: I see Blavatsky as one who dropped water in our lips, in our thirsty lips - as a stimulus! She didnīt wish to avoid our thirst, but increase it; so that we can understand that Water (The Truth) exists, is real and is the only one capable to satisfy our necessities. 

Cass: Then go search for yourself, instead of expecting the answers to be available to you from another source.

Carlos wrote: It is important to see that she didnīt reveal the river, so donīt be a fanatic!

Cass: No, but you have to get your own feet wet if you are going to wade in this river.

Finding out the river is a task that she has given to us... and certainly we will find it when our thirst be unsupportable!

And the most important:

The River must be full of life, pure and sunny... not a stagnant one, a prisoner of time and dogmatism.

Cass: It isn't, you are just projecting your own ideas upon it, because I think basically you are too mentally lazy to find out for yourself before you criticise it.

Whe must BE FREE! And at this point, Blavatsky was unique example!

Thank you for all,

Carlos Paterson

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