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Re: Theos-World THEOSOPHY - Is it possible?

May 30, 2006 07:14 AM
by Carlos Paterson

Congratulations by the answer...

It is habitual to hear people saying that Blavatsky presented a "profound" working, a "vast" one. I commonly see people saying that her writings were not developed for the time she lived, but for the future one, for the future generation: and only this "future generation" would be capable of understanding her discourse. 

But, thereīs something strange...

When I read affirmations like these:

(1) "THEOSOPHY offers fundamental principles to help us understand our world..."
(2) "...These fundamental principles of theosophy have now taken their place and are demanding attention on the world stage."
(3) "Theosophy embodies a view of the universe, including theories on the origin and mysteries ofthe universe."
(4) "Theosophy is a collection of religious and philosophical teachings that view humanity as constantly evolving to a higher level."

I see a certain kind of "fanaticism" (sorry for the sincerity - it is only my opinion), as "nothing new" is viewed in the current Theosophical Literature. What I perceive is a literature that is a "repetitive discourse".

The impression is that the theosophical writings stopped in time, at the time of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) and at the "New (?) Theosophy", with Charles Webster Leadbeater (1847-1934) and Annie Besant (1847-1933).

No person appears to review something new or actual, something that really approaches of themes like "Crop Circles", the "actual moment, as a transition one", the "UFO phenomena" and so on... and thereīs much more. And I think: Where are the "fundamental principles" capable of treating subjects like these, helping us to understand our world, our MODERN one? 

My and our world is now and here! It didnīt stop (1831 - 1933), but flows.

So, the affirmations (1) and (2), in my point of view is a fallacy, as my and our world is not being treated as it must be.

Related to the (3) affirmation, thereīs a simple and direct question: What Misteries? The same and old discourses that we see at any corner, at any book? I woud advise to not waste paper with a old fashioned talking!

Finally, related to the (4) affirmation, I ask:

Does Theosophy, as has been presented, really see humanity as constanly evolving to a higher level? What level? At a level that stopped in 1934 and is now being called "New Theosophy", with all its contradictions?

Sorry, friends, for that aggressive disembosom. But I am tired and disappointed!

I would like to see a "Lively Theosophy", not a New Theosophy! 

A Theosophy dealing with our modern world, with all its stress, waterīs disappearance, homosexuality, speciesīs extinction, growing catastrophes, forthcoming of new diseases, the reason of the growing usage of drugs, the Anti-Christīs controversy, the UFO and so forth! These are the marks of our world and is a pity that the great part of people is talking about a dead world, a world of "letters" and about and unreal "Tibet".

Do you know that Tibet is disappearing (perhaps disappeared), with the chinese destroying its traditions? This is our world!

What is the esoteric meaning of this fact? Would be the "transition" of the spirituality to the South America? 

Do you known that this is a normal converse at the new spiritual movement!

Have you listened about Portals or Mayaīs calendar yet? What Theosophy has to talk about it?

Hello, we are in 2006! 

Unfortunately, I see the Thesophy dying... dying in an out-of-date literature, holding itself in a dogmatism like the Church and Vatican. 

I donīt think that Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Annie Besant and others have failed. On the contrary, I see them as a "start point" and is our duty to enlarge its frontiers.

Blavatsky said:

"It is needless to explain that this book is not the Secret Doctrine in its entirety, but a select number of fragments.."

And I see people looking for the Secret Doctrine (the "fragments") as the Final Revelation! No! It is just "fragments"!

It is just 1%... and this undermost quantity of water is not capable to avert our thirst! It is necessary more, much more... 

I see Blavatsky as one who dropped water in our lips, in our thirsty lips - as a stimulus! She didnīt wish to avoid our thirst, but increase it; so that we can understand that Water (The Truth) exists, is real and is the only one capable to satisfy our necessities. 

It is important to see that she didnīt reveal the river, so donīt be a fanatic!

Finding out the river is a task that she has given to us... and certainly we will find it when our thirst be unsupportable!

And the most important:

The River must be full of life, pure and sunny... not a stagnant one, a prisoner of time and dogmatism.

Whe must BE FREE! And at this point, Blavatsky was unique example!

Thank you for all,

Carlos Paterson

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