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RE: Dallas, Socrates & Subba Row

May 29, 2006 05:54 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Thanks John.

In my opinion the Oriental RAJA-YOGA psychological system (via The SECRET
DOCTRINE  and The KEY TO THEOSOPHY) give us an ancient basic psychological
system [as in PATANJALI's YOGA-SUTRAS].

I think this is more valuable to us, as it includes and makes practical and
entirely reasonable, the MORAL principles (virtues), which, on comparison,
are found to be common, and are parallel in every one of the ancient and
current religions --  though individual discipline and self-restraint do not
seem to be given the importance they deserve.  

THEOSOPHY encourages freedom of thought and effort and makes no effort to
acquire a "following" or proselytes. As the system appears universal and
impersonal it is offered very much as one might offer a theorem in Geometry,
or an 
Algebraical equation --  something everyone can use.

We find today that each student of these ancient religions (or their modern
translations) seems to describe the same grand scheme.  There must somewhere
be an original and common base. 

first we may have to settle the ideas or basics:  

Is it a fact to fairly and reasonably consider the immortality and eternity
of they UNIVERSE and the MAN-MONAD.

Are the rules and regulations (universal and human), mandatory,
all-embracing and inter-dependent ? [ Every human would be a "brother" and
TRUTH, honesty and sincerity would be the sole "religion" binding all
together. ] 

The questions we could ask are:

1	If the UNIVERSE is 7-fold, is Man's constitution likewise 7-fold ?

2	Is the purpose of life-experience the sharpening and making more
independent each Man's consciousness and intelligence ?

3	Does the Mind-principle in Man reflect the Mind PRINCIPLE
[consciousness, intelligence and their independent existence in

4	Does the Mind-principle serve as an independent observer, recorder
and evaluator of the passing events, acts, thoughts of life ?

5	Their ancients posited an immortal Mind/Monad -- a triad of 


 includes intellectual control, a universal purview that includes several
zones of experience and perception.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: Dallas, 	Socrates & Subba Row

  The response given when we queried about the Nous level was that our
every day consciousness, (Patanjali's "conditioned mind" and Scientologies 
"reactive mind") correspond to Nous level 1. 

I can agree that multidimensional realities seem also to present in
entrainment with higher Nous Level as we experienced "time shifting" and
other effects that did seem to entail dimensional control and use. 

It is generated as a result of the physical reality of birth as a human
being and is virtually a new creation in each incarnation somatically and
perceptually augmenting it's growth in the physical development process. I
don't particularly view the Higher Mind as beholden to the lower but rather
has partial interface with the lower. 

Just my personal opinion.


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