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Re: Theos-World Dallas, Socrates & Subba Row

May 29, 2006 01:22 PM
by samblo

  The response given when we queried about the Nous level was that our normal 
every day consciousness, (Patanjali's "conditioned mind" and Scientologies 
"reactive mind") correspond to Nous level 1. I can agree that multidimensional 
realities seem also to present in entrainment with higher Nous Level as we 
experienced "time shifting" and other effects that did seem to entail dimensional 
control and use. It is generated as a result of the physical reality of birth 
as a human being and is virtually a new creation in each incarnation 
somatically and perceptually augmenting it's growth in the physical development 
process. I don't particularly view the Higher Mind as beholden to the lower but 
rather has partial interface with the lower. Just my personal opinion.


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