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Re: Theos-World Dallas, Socrates & Subba Row

May 28, 2006 10:10 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi John
It sounds intriguing although I am not exactly sure what you are getting at, but if nous is the higher and lower mind, it must also relate to higher and lower dimensions or planes and the ability to access them.
Cass wrote: Cass and all,
    Just a side comment in December of 1976 we sent an experiencer to 
Tiahaunaco in Bolivia for the purpose: "We request the transport of this vehicle to 
Longitude (given) Latitude (given) for Quantum elevation of mind Nous exponent 
4 gate of the Sun." We did this as requested and amazing experiences occurred. 
Again an other request was given to again place the experiencer at the gate 
of the Sun Tiahuanaco on the date June 22nd 1977 for the purpose: "Quantum 
elevation of mind Nous exponent 8."  We again sent the experiencer and 15 
witnesses at he appointed time and place. The "Nous" in our case meant elevation 
exponentially of the mind itself and in the case of the second trip a personality 
was placed into the experiencer and remained so performing amazing paranormal 
demonstrations. In some way I saw a correlate to the ten stages of the 
Bodhisattva Mind as taught in the Mahayana school.


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