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Reincarnation - Pan Vision

May 28, 2006 10:12 AM
by Carlos Paterson

Dear Friends,

    As I am a beginner in Theosophy, I would like to ask you for permission to make some questions about REINCARNATION. Peharps ingenuous, but something that I do not find in Theosophy Literature, at least where I could contact it. 

    My intention, if possible, is to obtain the appropriate orientation of you on where (in Theosophy Literature, especially at Blavatsky writings) I can find the specific approach to the series of doubts that I begin to describe:

    The first thing (that is a "truth" in Theosophy, in its more ample sense) is that the Universe is alive in all its parts. Repeating: "Alive in all its parts". That there´s no possibility of existing a place empty of life. In every point, in every where, the existence pulses.

    So, looking for the subject of reincarnation with this "truth" in hands, I get to the conclusion that is not a delirium to accept the "process of reincarnation", with all its cycles (Samsara), occuring at another place of this "vast", almost "infinite" Universe - at another planet, for example. I bring with me the idea that is a completely limited conception the affirmation that reincarnating is only "reincarnating in the Earth Planet". 

    Why? Who say that? I think that nobody, especially the Mahatmas, the Masters, the Adepts, with their conceptions impregnated of a living, harmonious and pulsating universe, replete of life. This, of course, is my point of view - a humble one.

    Then, my first (1) question:

    (1) Reincarnation occurs at other planets? There´s something specific, clearly expressed, about this at Blavatsky writings?

    The second thing, that seems to be another "truth" in Theosophy, again in its more ample sense, and at almost every esoteric literature, is that "reincarnating" implies "re-emboding in flesh", in a "physical body", using a "physical matter". Then, my second (2) question:

    (2) Reincarnating implies only "re-emboding in flesh", only in a "physical body"? There´s a possibility of occuring a "process of reincarnation" not in a physical body, using a "physical matter"? There´s something specific, clearly expressed, about this at Blavatsky writings?

    Another important fact (there´s others, but I intend not to be "boring") is related to the possibility of relationship between different points of the Universe, between different Planets for example. Relationships based on cooperation, on reciprocal help or not, of course. Venus, as must be of your knowledge, had and has a direct relationship with our process of development, with our Earth Planet. 

    A person, called "Trigueirinho", that lives here in Brazil and makes a unique work in the field of spirituality at this time, gave a lecture (October, 1989) called "Os Seres Mongolóides" ( "Mongoloid Beings" - related to Down's syndrome) , recorded on tape. 

    On this tape, He says that these beings (not the ones involved in karmic processes) are from other planet, and their growing presence on Earth (curiously, the statistics strengthen that) is the beginning of a construction of a "Interplanetary Consciousness", indispensable for the future moment. That our consciousness is limited to the cooperation between persons, peoples or nations - a perception held in Earth Planet. 

    But, there´s more... as the Universe is vast and alive. They (Mongoloid Beings), he says, come here with the specific purpose of developing our sense of Inconditional Love, not the love for a man or women, not the love for a friend, for a father or mother, for a brother or sister; but the Inconditional Love. The "True Love", the Love for the other, in the most pure meaning. Who had or has the opportunity to live together with a being like this, understand what is saying.

    In resume, I think that the "interchange" in this vast Universe is not a insane conception, on the contrary, it seems beautiful and melodious and could comprises the reincarnation process... Then, my third (3) and last question:

    (3) We can reincarnate at another Planet? Is it possible to reincarnate on places different from Earth? There´s something specific, clearly expressed, about this at Blavatsky writings?

That´s all, Friends....

Sorry for my "bad" English. I am from Brazil and ask for your comprehension.


Carlos Paterson

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