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Re: [jcs-online] The Fold

May 26, 2006 11:22 PM
by leonmaurer

It seems to me that the word "fold" in the context of Varela and Depraz' 
paper could possibly relate to the "Seven fold nature of man's fields of 
consciousness" that is spoken of in Eastern and theosophical metaphysical philosophies. 
  They also speak of mind, as the fourth and fifth level of those degrees of 
consciousness, being of a two fold nature -- having a lower reactionary mental 
awareness that relates to the instinctive animal nature, linked to the 
emotions without thought -- and a higher self determinate mental awareness related 
to thoughtful rationality.   The lower nature of mind being subject to 
indiscriminate unconscious will, and the higher to discriminate conscious will... As 
they also say, "behind will lies desire" -- as the most powerful emotion 
available to both levels of mental awareness, instinctively through one and 
discriminatively through the other.   "The fold," could be the point of transfer of 
ideation between those dual levels of mind and our center of perceptive 

In this conception, it is presumed that both mind and memory are 
coenergetically as well as holographically interlaced (informationally) with each other 
and with the em field of the brain -- although existing as separate fields of 
force than those constituting the physical brain itself.   These individual 
fields of consciousness also could relate to the multidimensional hyperspace 
fields described by string theory as being "enfolded" within the sub quantum 
zero-point energy "vacuum" (or infinitesimally tiny space between the quantum 
particles).   It also relates to the fractally involved and enfolded, like bubbles 
within bubbles, (Chakra) fields spoken of in my ABC model of holographic 
consciousness.   valance

I hope this might be helpful from both scientific and etymological points of 

Leon Maurer
ABC Home Page
How It All Began

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> Although Keith has recently announced the TOC for volume 13(4), I am still
> thinking about volume 12, no. 8-10 on Emotion.  It takes longer to think
> than to read, longer to read than to publish (though longer to write than 
> read).
> Anyway, in the reprint of their article, "At the Source of Time: Valence 
> the constitutional dynamics of affect," in that volume,
> introduce the term "the fold" (p. 61).
> The Fold is a crepuscule of consciousness, the transition between
> Pre-reflexive and reflexive awareness, pre-noetic to noetic, pre-egological
> to ego-based consciousness, pre-attentive to attentive awareness. 
> The idea presupposes a two-level theory of consciousness ( a distinction
> they do not explicitly discuss), although it is not a Higher Order Thought
> theory, in which one mental state confers consciousness on another.  Both
> kinds of consciousness in the fold are conscious mental states, but
> different kinds, or in different modes of existence.
> My question is, does anybody know where this term, The Fold, comes from?
> Does it have pedigree in phenomenology?  I don't recall ever seeing that
> term in the literature before, even though there have been numerous
> discussions of the differences between pre-reflective and reflective
> awareness.
> Sincerely,
> Bill Adams
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