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Mr Caldwell.....Barborka, Geoffrey.

May 25, 2006 04:15 PM
by Noel vasco

Mr. caldwell, sorry, but if you have available a copy of The Divine Plan. I would appreciate. I know The Theosophical Society in Bogotà has a copy, but I live in Medellìn. Mr. Caldwell if you can`t, no problem. 

danielhcaldwell <> escribió:
  Dear Carlos,

Yesterday I got some money unexpectedly! 

So if you will privately email me YOUR COMPLETE POSTAL ADDRESS, I 
will have a copy of Barborka's book airmailed to you as
a gift from Blavatsky Archives.

You can find my email address at:


--- In, Carlos Paterson wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Where Can I get the book: "Barborka, Geoffrey, H. P. 
> Tibet and Tulku"?
> It can't be found here in Brazil and, unfortunately, I don't 
> financial conditions of importing it. :(
> Is it possible to get it on-line in a free manner?
> Thank you for all
> -- 
> Peace,
> Carlos Paterson
> [Brazil]
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