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Re: A Little Help

May 23, 2006 06:22 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Quoted from:

In consequence of a proposal of Col. Henry S. Olcott, that a Society 
be formed for the study and elucidation of Occultism, the Cabbala, 
etc., the ladies and gentlemen then and there present, resolved 
themselves into a meeting, and, upon motion of Mr. William Q. Judge, 
it was 

Resolved, That Col. H. S. Olcott take the chair.  Upon motion it was 

Resolved, That Mr. W. Q. Judge act as Secretary.  The Chair then 
called for the names of the persons present, who would agree to 
found and belong to a Society such as had been mentioned.  The 
following persons handed in their names to the Secretary: 

Col. Olcott, Mme. H. P. Blavatsky, Chas. Sotheran, Dr. Chas. E. 
Simmons, H. D. Monachesi, C. C. Massey of London, W. L. Alden, G. H. 
Felt, D. E. de Lara, Dr. W. Britten, Mrs. E. H. Britten, Henry J. 
Newton, John Storer Cobb, J. Hyslop, W. Q. Judge, H. M. Stevens (all 
present save one). 

Upon motion of Herbert D. Monachesi, it was 

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the Chair to 
draft a constitution and by-laws, and to report the same at the next 
meeting.  Upon motion, it was 

Resolved, That the Chair be added to the Committee. 

The Chair then appointed Messrs. H. J. Newton, H. M. Stevens, and C. 
Sotheran to such Committee. 

Upon motion, it was 

Resolved, That we now adjourn until Monday, Septe 13th, at the same 
place, at 8 P.M. 

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