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RE: Let the reader decide for himself

May 23, 2006 07:44 AM
by robert_b_macd

Dear Dallas,

You wrote:

You are of course correct in what you write.  The writings of theosophy
are food for the soul as the old adage goes.  And once the soul is fed,
it must be put to use if it is to grow strong.

It is interesting how HPB and Judge had different approaches to the
latter, no doubt each and everyone of us has our own unique approach for
putting knowledge into action.   The Masters wrote to Olcott the
following about HPB:

>But the largest share rests with others, whose serene unconsciousness
of their own defects is very marked and much to be >blamed. One of the
most valuable effects of Upasika's mission is that it drives men to
self-study and destroys in them blind >servility for persons.

HPB's very nature, the paradoxes and depth of presence, no doubt, in and
of themselves, caused those about her with any spiritual aptitude to
look to their own defects.  Her writings also, which she described in
one letter as "manasic" also reflected this.  Whereas HPB caused others
to look at their own inadequacies and recognize them, it could be argued
that Judge inspired them to seek within their own better Selves the
means to overcome these inadequacies.  His writings HPB described as
"Buddhic".  The Theosophical Society then became the field in which they
could practice their nascent nobility and make it a wisdom of their own.
Each understood and followed the same Wisdom Tradition, each expressed
the Wisdom of that Tradition differently, as we all must.

Many people in this forum appreciate what you have to offer to this
forum, and rightfully so.  I suspect my own offerings are less palatable
to most, yet they are what I have to offer.  I learn through debate.  I
try to argue the truth of a problem from many different sides.  Some of
the arguments are better than others.  One inadequacy is that sometimes
I can come off sounding pontifical.  I trust that Brothers along the
same Path are willing to forgive this foible and let it slide.  In
return I try to find the inspiration to counter any unchecked passion
and argue less personally.

The practice of the theosophical teachings in our mundane world is what
develops wisdom and finally knowledge.  Recently I met a Druze.  When
asked about the esoteric side of the religion, the response was that the
aspirant can ask any question they want, the catch is that they must put
into practice whatever they learn.


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