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RE: Theos-World Did early humans go ape for chimps?

May 23, 2006 06:48 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Perhaps this cold be considered:



	To this Occultism answers in the affirmative, notwithstanding all
scientific objectors.  Moreover, this duration covers only the
Vaivasvata-Manu Man, i.e., the male and female entity already separated into
distinct sexes.  

The two and a half Races that preceded that event may have lived 300,000,000
years ago for all that science can tell.  For the geological and physical
difficulties in the way of the theory could not exist for the primeval,
ethereal man of the Occult teachings.  The whole issue of the quarrel
between the profane and the esoteric sciences depends upon the belief in,
and demonstration of, the existence of an astral body within the physical,
the former independent of the latter.   

The Secret Doctrine maintains that, notwithstanding the general cataclysms
and disturbances of our globe, which—owing to its being the period of its
greatest physical development, for the Fourth Round is the middle-point of
the life allotted to it—were far more terrible and intense than during any
of the three preceding Rounds (the cycles of its earlier psychic and
spiritual life and of its semi-ethereal conditions) physical Humanity has
existed upon it for the last 18,000,000 years. This period was preceded by
300,000,000 years of the mineral and vegetable development.  

To this, all those who refuse to accept the theory of a “boneless,” purely
ethereal, man, will object.  Science, which knows only of physical
organisms, will feel indignant; and materialistic theology still more so.
The first will object on logical and reasonable grounds, based on the
preconception that all animate organisms have always existed on the same
plane of materiality in all the ages; the last on a tissue of most absurd
fictions.  The ridiculous claim usually brought forward by theologians, is
based on the virtual assumption that mankind (read Christians) on this
planet have the honour of being the only human beings in the whole Kosmos,
who dwell on a globe, and that they are consequently, the best of their

The Occultists, who believe firmly in the teachings of the
mother-philosophy, repel the objections of both theologians and scientists.
They maintain, on their side, that, during those periods when there must
have been insufferable heat, even at the two poles, successive floods,
upheaval of the valleys and constant shifting of the great waters and seas,
none of these circumstances could form an impediment to human life and
organization, such as is assigned by them to the early mankind, Neither the
heterogeneity of ambient regions, full of deleterious gases, nor the perils
of a crust hardly consolidated, could prevent the First and Second Races
from making their appearance even during the Carboniferous, or the Silurian
age itself.

Thus the Monads destined to animate future Races were ready for the new
transformation.  They had passed their phases of immetalization, of plant
and animal life, from the lowest to the highest, and were waiting for their
human, more intelligent form.  Yet, what could the plastic modellers do but
follow the laws of evolutionary Nature?  Could they, as claimed by the
Biblical dead-letter, form “Lord-God”-like, or as Pygmalion in the Greek
allegory, Adam-Galatea out of volcanic dust, and breathe a living soul into

No:  because the soul was already there, latent in its Monad, and needed but
a coating.  Pygmalion, who fails to animate his statue, and Bahak-Zivo of
the Nazarean Gnostics, who fails to construct “a human soul in the
creature,” are, as conceptions, far more philosophical and scientific than
Adam, taken in the dead-letter sense, or the Biblical Elohim-Creators.
Esoteric philosophy, which teaches spontaneous generation—after the Sishta
and Prajâpati have thrown the seed of life on the Earth—shows the lower
angels able to construct physical man only, even with the help of Nature,
after having evolved the ethereal form out of themselves, and leaving the
physical form to evolve gradually from its ethereal, or what would now be
called, protoplasmic model.


This will again be objected to:  “Spontaneous Generation” is an exploded
theory, we shall be told.  Pasteur’s experiments disposed of it twenty years
ago, and Professor Tyndall is against it.  Well, suppose he is?  He ought to
know that, should spontaneous generation be indeed proven impossible in our
present world—period and actual conditions—which the Occultists deny—still
it would be no demonstration that it could not have taken place under
different cosmic conditions, not only in the seas of the Laurentian period,
but even on the then convulsed Earth.  

It would be interesting to know how Science could ever account for the
appearance of species and life on Earth, especially of Man, once that she
rejects both the Biblical teachings and spontaneous generation.  Pasteur’s
observations, however, are far from being perfect or proven.  Blanchard and
Dr. Lutaud reject their importance and show that they have none.  The
question is so far left sub judice, as well as that other one “when, at what
period, life appeared on the Earth?” As to the idea that Hæckel’s Moneron—a
pinch of salt!—has solved the problem of the origin of life, it is simply

Those materialists, who feel inclined to pooh-pooh the theory of the
“Self-existent,” the “Self-born heavenly man,” represented as an ethereal,
astral man, must excuse even a tyro in Occultism laughing, in his turn, at
some speculations of modern thought.  After proving most learnedly that the
primitive speck of protoplasm (moneron) is neither animal nor plant, but
both, and that it has no ancestors among either of these, since it is that
moneron which serves as a point of departure for all organized existence, we
are finally told that the Monera are their own ancestors.  This may be very
scientific, but it is very metaphysical also; too much so, even for the

If spontaneous generation has changed its methods now, owing perhaps to
accumulated material on hand, so as to almost escape detection, it was in
full swing in the genesis of terrestrial life.  Even the simple physical
form and the evolution of species show how Nature proceeds.  The
scale-bound, gigantic sauria, the winged pterodactyl, the Megalosaurus, and
the hundred-feet long Iguanodon of the later period, are the transformations
of the earliest representatives of the animal kingdom found in the sediments
of the primary epoch.  

There was a time when all those above enumerated “antediluvian” monsters
appeared as filamentoid infusoria without shell or crust, with neither
nerves, muscles, organs nor sex, and reproduced their kind by gemmation:  as
do microscopical animals also, the architects and builders of our mountain
ranges, agreeably to the teachings of science.  Why not man in this case?
Why should he not have followed the same law in his growth, i.e., gradual
condensation?  Every unprejudiced person would prefer to believe that
primeval humanity had at first an ethereal—or, if so preferred, a huge
filamentoid, jelly-like form, evolved by gods or natural “forces,” which
grew, condensed throughout millions of ages, and became gigantic in its
physical impulse and tendency, until it settled into the huge, physical form
of the Fourth Race Man,—rather than believe him created of the dust of the
Earth (literally), or from some unknown anthropoid ancestor.

Nor does our esoteric theory clash with scientific data, except on first
appearance, as Dr. A. Wilson, F.R.S., says, in a letter to “Knowledge,”
(Dec. 23, 1881).  “Evolution—rather Nature, in the light of evolution—has
only been studied for some twenty-five years or so.  That is, of course, a
mere fractional space in the history of human thought.” And just because of
that we do not lose all hope that materialistic science will amend its ways,
and will gradually accept the esoteric teachings—if even at first divorced
from their (to science) too metaphysical elements.

Has the last word on the subject of human evolution yet been said?  “Each .
. . .  answer to the great Question (Man’s Real Place in Nature), invariably
asserted by the followers of its propounder, if not by himself, to be
complete and final, remains in high authority and esteem, it may be for one
century, it may be for twenty,” writes Prof. Huxley; “but, as invariably,
time proves each reply to have been a mere approximation to the
truth—tolerable chiefly on account of the ignorance of those by whom it was
accepted, and wholly intolerable when tested by the larger knowledge of
their successors”!! Will this eminent Darwinian admit the possibility of his
pithecoid ancestry being assignable to the list of “wholly intolerable
beliefs,” in the “larger knowledge” of Occultists?  But whence the savage?
Mere “rising to the civilized state” does not account for the evolution of

… This very difficulty ought to make the Evolutionists more cautious in
their affirmations.  But why is evolution impossible, if “man was created a
perfect being, and then became degraded?” At best it can only apply to the
outward, physical man.  


As remarked in “ISIS UNVEILED,” Darwin’s evolution begins at the middle
point, instead of commencing for man, as for everything else, from the
universals.  The Aristotle-Baconian method may have its advantages, but it
has undeniably already demonstrated its defects.  

Pythagoras and Plato, who proceeded from the Universals downwards, are now
shown more learned, in the light of modern science, than was Aristotle.  For
he opposed and denounced the idea of the revolution of the earth and even of
its rotundity.  “Almost all those,” he wrote, “who affirm that they have
studied heaven in its uniformity, claim that the earth is in the centre, but
the of the Italian School, otherwise called the Pythagoreans, teach entirely
the contrary. . . .” 

Because (a) the Pythagoreans were Initiates, and (b) they followed the
deductive method.  Whereas, Aristotle, the father of the inductive system,
complained of those who taught that the centre of our system was occupied by
the Sun, and the earth was only a star, which by a rotatory motion around
the same centre, produces night and day” (Vide De Cœlo, Book II., c. 13.)
The same with regard to man.  The theory taught in the Secret Doctrine, and
now expounded, is the only one, which can—without falling into the absurdity
of a “miraculous” man created out of the dust of the Earth, or the still
greater fallacy of man evolving from a pinch of lime-salt, (the
ex-protoplasmic moneron)—account for his appearance on Earth.

Analogy is the guiding law in Nature, the only true Ariadne’s thread that
can lead us, through the inextricable paths of her domain, toward her primal
and final mysteries.  Nature, as a creative potency, is infinite, and no
generation of physical scientists can ever boast of having exhausted the
list of her ways and methods, however uniform the laws upon which she

If we can conceive of a ball of Fire-mist becoming gradually—as it rolls
through æons of time in the interstellar spaces—a planet, a self-luminous
globe, to settle into a man-bearing world or Earth, thus having passed from
a soft plastic body into a rockbound globe; and if we see on it everything
evolving from the non-nucleated jelly-speck that becomes the sarcode of the
moneron, then passes from its protistic state† into the form of an animal,
to grow into a gigantic reptilian monster of the Mesozoic times; then
dwindles again into the (comparatively) dwarfish crocodile, now confined
solely to tropical regions, and the universally common lizard—how can man
alone escape the general law?  

“There were giants on earth in those days, says Genesis, repeating the
statement of all the other Eastern Scriptures, and the Titans are founded on
anthropological and physiological fact.

And, as the hard-shelled crustacean was once upon a time a jelly-speck, “a
thoroughly homogeneous particle of albumen in a firmly adhesive condition,”
so was the outward covering of primitive man, his early “coat of skin,” plus
an immortal spiritual monad, and a psychic temporary form and body within
that shell.  

The modern, hard, muscular man, almost impervious to any climate, was,
perhaps, some 25,000,000 years ago, just what the Hæckelian Moneron is,
strictly “an organism without organs,” an entirely homogeneous substance
with a structureless albumen body within, and a human form only outwardly.”


I am the Center of Space.  The UNIVERSE and I are ONE.”  --   

		“Tatvam assi.”  	“Om Mani Padme Hum.” 

Why use the phrase:  "THEOSOPHY teaches....  ?"

It is because we owe to the Masters, H P B, W  Q  Judge, and others of the
original expounders of THEOSOPHY in this era, all if not most of what we
know of the system:

The real question is not to criticize the nature of the writing of this
information, but rather, our need to work very hard to try to understand it.

THEOSOPHY offers a complete view of “evolution:”

The Universe as a WHOLE is incommensurable -- we have at present, no
absolute scales or equipment to measure its depth in time, space or concept.
In “space,” it is both infinitely “small and large.”  It is extremely
“ancient,” and yet its life is concurrent with our existence, and extends
into the unforeseeable future.

It runs like a well made clock under such (immeasurable) laws as are
evidenced. Under a single LAW [which is Itself], IT, the illimitable,
periodically replicates itself in limited time, space and potential.  This
is the Law of Cycles and of analogy.

Starting with the indescribable, yet, conceptually PERFECT [the ABSOLUTE] it
is said to periodically manifest (sub-divide ?) itself into countless
replicas of ITSELF  [Called MONADS ].  These fill the entire Universe and
are measureless.  These are the reincarnating  “Sparks of Eternity.”  They
provide us with our “sense of Self,” a unitary basis for “consciousness,”
and “awareness.” Our Ego (Buddhi-Manas) is one of such “sparks.”  The
ABSOLUTE and its many “sparks,” are deathless and indestructible.  Thus, we
are immortals – a host of Eternal Pilgrims.

Theosophy posits:


UNIVERSAL UNITY (unlimited in time space and awareness) considered as   7 x
7  =  49 + 1  --   [ 50 ] -- principles, qualities or faculties, each at its
own particular stage of development within every Monad . Each of such groups
is united to all others.  They can be compared to the whole range of colors
and sounds in the spectrum.


Coexistent UNITS each with identical potential, but needing individualized
experience to develop voluntary self-respect and self-limitation by means of
applied and consistent VIRTUE. [WISDOM - BUDDHI], to live in harmony with
all the rest.  [Every atom, human, globe, or galaxy, is one of these
diversified units and each struggles over an immensity of time to develop a
compassionate view of the already existent universal harmony (LAW) and
purpose  (GOAL:  “Divine Perfection,”  ALL-KNOWINGNESS, Universal Vision and
power, forbearance (compassion) from using any knowledge or power for
selfish purposes.)]


VIRTUE means discrimination [BUDDHI] --  to acknowledge an actual, present
community of indestructible brother-units (named MONADS).  All having in
potential the same rights and privileges but differing in individual
experience.  [Experience is acquired by recurrent reincarnations in
successive “personalities” composed of  “monads of lesser experience.”]  A
single unbreakable LAW [KARMA]  provides throughout the Universe, immutable
fairness, WISDOM AVAILABLE, safeguard of existence and an ideal tolerance
which can be called Universal "sensitivity."  

This the “Single Old Path” to Individualized Buddhahood and Mahatmaship.


SENSITIVITY is the faculty in present action of total and instantaneous
transmission of events in detail to all MONADS so they can record, take note
of changes, and adjust to Karma in general  --  to us, this appears to be an
extension of electro-magnetic phenomena.  

This implies that no single aspect or component of the Universe is
superfluous – each Monad is essential and each Monad can eventually reach
Individually the GOAL:  Divine Universal perception and PERFECTION.  This
has been called a “return to the SOURCE.”  It does not imply annihilation as
an INDIVIDUALITY, or a (BUDDHI-MANASIC UNIT). It does offer continuity as a
responsible Tutor to Monads of lesser experience. 


As the whole Universe responds, so does the effect of each of our choices
and acts rebound ultimately on us as “MIND-BEINGS,” and we are burdened with
“personal” Karma (good or bad). 


There is also a general KARMA. [The common recording receptor and medium for
this is called AKASA – the “Divine Astral Light”  -- there, the real history
of all units is impacted and eternally inscribed, however immense, ancient,
large or small they may be. Every Monad is a "Lipika," a “writer or


KARMA implies the total and simultaneous adjustments made by the entire
Universe needed to include and objectivise in time and space all decisions
made on an independent basis by any Monad anywhere. The future is thus
instantaneously inscribed as a “cause,” by each Monad as it lives and
proceeds.  It is also the source of the idea: “I am the Center of Space.”
The UNIVERSE and I are ONE.”  --   “Tatvam assi.”  “Om Mani Padme Hum.” 

This is how the real UNIVERSE is united. It is both sub-physical and
supra-physical, so that all planes and states are affected. Every
"life-atom" serves, and is, an essential link.  There is no “dust-heap” in
Nature (the Universe) to which some “Monads” may be discarded, or neglected,
or disregarded.

		MONADS:  Each of these eternal units is both bi-and

BIPOLAR is the sense of  (1) “Perfect Purity and Wisdom” placed in contrast
and proximity, to (2) “desires, passions, emotions and yens” of a selfish
and isolationist nature.  It is UNITY vs. DIVERSITY.  

TRIPOLAR in the sense that the (1) “Purity Of The One Unit” is contrasted
with the (2) “Infinite Diversity Of Selfish Desires” that can infect the
many "unit Monads" with their fatal virus of indiscipline, selfishness and
carelessness for others. Both of these are perceived by (3) MIND (Soul)
which distinguishes (discriminates) the difference between them.  Mind
thinking is not emotional stimulation.


This proximity is educational in intent.  The objective of this project is
to achieve and embody individually the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM of the WHOLE.
Then, accepting responsibility, it, the Monad, voluntarily accepts the
burden of living under UNIVERSAL LAW, for the benefit of others who are its
“immortal and ever-present brothers.”  It is attentive to see that all
decisions it makes are lawful.

Each Monad by self-effort becomes Universally Self-Conscious.


All motives and choices are either lawful and constructive, or illegal,
destructive and harmful to others.

MIND (or SOUL) -- (the Individual Perceptual power), is the “son” of the
immortal Self [ATMA-BUDDHI]. It perpetually reincarnates, and shines its
light of TRUTH and Wisdom on the lower principles.   It also repeatedly
serves as an assemblage focus for the "pupil-monads of lesser experience."
These, are like a school assembled around a single sage and wise (“Mage”)

They, every pupil-Monad, is impressed by the quality of the resident Higher
Mind within itself – a MIND that points invariably to “conscience,” and
discriminating the TRUE  [BUDDHI].  Using this, it can make choices, as "the
self-conscious Self" (we call it: “My Mind”) .  [The MIND serves as a link
or bond between the PURITY of the UNIVERSAL [ATMA] and the follies and evils
of the many ignorant and inexperienced UNITS [Kama-Manas] that have not
reached the self-disciplined "point of altruistic and Universal Mental


Our MIND is therefore dual.  There is the (1) "Wise-Mind" (BUDDHI-MANAS),
and there is the  (2)  “Selfish Desire and 'Foolish' "Mind" (KAMA-MANAS), or
"Personal Self.”   (S D  II 109-110)


Our physical Universe is at the bottom of the scale of development, and our
Mind is occupies tithe rules and laws of matter.  We begin to sense in the
concept of the astral the underlying sensitive unity that places every
"life-atom" at its appropriate place all the time. [S  D  I  200 diagram:
see  “Globe ‘D’.]

This implies a totally comprehensive and inter-locking cooperative system,
where wisdom, law and knowledge reign fearlessly and imperatively with
others of like quality and power, without any coercion exerted upon any of
the others. 

The duty of each of the "Eternal Pilgrims," the Mind-Monad, is to learn this
system and then adopt it as a rule of self-directed harmless and brotherly

Compassion and mercy are the result of the tolerance and trust reposing on
the immensity of  co-existent contacts invariably shared from an infinitely
distant source-beginning with every other immortal Monad. . 

Best Wishes,



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Did early humans go ape for chimps?

Humans' ancestors interbred with chimpanzees after the two species 
drew apart millions of years ago, a paper suggests. 

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