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Re: Theos-World Stop it!

May 22, 2006 11:32 AM
by christina leestemaker

Dear Eldon
  For a lot of years i see the same actions in lodges, only in more delicate way, but all the same.
  Looks like they have not understand lectures and stay coloring all in the personal fields.Also the overflow on messages of some kind of persons, that looks like supporting and competition in the race for" truth".
  But everywhere the same.
  More reason for take some rest in reading ,what looks like " esoteric soap."
  New millenium does not need to look back at old personal feuds of any writer or teacher.
  Everyone in this generation have enough brains to think for him or herself.
  Also to ignore or to find something behind that  less important  messages.
  Otherwise I don't understand the projections of people, but they are doing and let them, that teach to see through it.
  The only thing we need is the true insight and the essence of the ancient wisdom.
  What everyone integrate on his or her own level of consciousness.
  For that are happely enough lectures published on the web and not to  forget the books we can read.
  All groups are busy with enjoying themselves as a kind of entertainment , as far as I can see.
  Those who are calling names, that is more telling about the persons self.
  best regards, Christina

Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
  Since my message Saturday, there have been more problems with the
list. For anyone that wishes to continue participating on the list,
this has to stop.

What I've noticed (not necessarily a complete list of incidents) is:

Vince called Daniel evil. Vince called Carlos dumb. Frank mentions
Carlos "works with suggestions, make believe and slander, ignores and
twists facts." Frank later mentions to Carlos, "any sane theosophist
cannot fail to come to the conclusion that you are NOT a fool."
Another note says, "the Dugpas are behind you. They eat your soul."
Vince then returns to say "Daniel is evil."

Although some running battles have traumatized the list a few months
ago causing some people to leave the list, they are in the past. If
anything gets out of hand, the thread of discussion will be closed
before such could happen again. 

The request that people stop the name-calling applies to everyone. It
does not mean that some people behave themselves while others lash out
seeking to satisfy any pent up anger, hostility, or ill will that they
still carry. There are not any exceptions based upon the number of
good or bad messages that anyone has written over the past few months.

This is my last warning.

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