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Pluto, Saturn & the Earth

May 21, 2006 09:14 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

In 2005, two more Moons were discovered around Pluto. "Charon" had been discovered in 1978. The story of the 2005 discovery is in "Astronomy" magazine, June 2006  (pp. 44-51). 
Astronomers now say that Pluto has a lot in common with the Earth, especially because these are the two planets in the solar system whose moons have a central role to play in their lives. 
Astrologically, this is a questioning role.  Physical and astral tides are most strong in both celestial objects. 
As to Saturn, recent news reveal it is the rings which have a tremendous influence, though a much more stable one.  
On Saturn's surface, Sunlight is 100 times dimmer than at the Earth's surface, due to its distance from the Sun being 10 times bigger (there are other factors here than distance only).  
Nevertheless, the light cast onto Saturn by its rings is 10 times stronger than our Full Moon's light ("Astronomy", June 2006, p. 28). 

Best regards,  Carlos. 

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