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Re: [Mind and Brain] Monopolistic capitalism reaching cyberspace?

May 20, 2006 07:59 PM
by leonmaurer

Musicians like Moby and R.E.M. as well as hundreds of thousands of activists 
around the country are fighting to save the Net.

 Join them now.

Don't let the phrase "Net neutrality" fool you. The potential consequences 
Internet users will face if net neutrality ends will be anything but neutral.
Take action!

The gist of the current battle in Congress is this: Right now, blogs, 
independent news sites, music download programs and Internet-based organizations like 
Care2 open just as easily on your computer as large corporate sites such as 
Yahoo or Google. But if broadband providers (like Comcast and AT&T) get their 
way, providers will be able to control which websites will work best with your 
computer according to which companies they contract with.
Sign the petition to say NO!

Here's an example of this idea: if you want to conduct a search through 
Yahoo, but your provider works with Google, your connection to Yahoo might time out 
or load too slowly, forcing you to use Google for your search instead. Click 
here for an informational video illuminating this idea:

The Internet was created as a free forum for information and ideas, but 
should Internet neutrality end, corporate sites will have the upper hand at 
controlling the information you see. Corporate America has already segmented our 
access to so many things in the marketplace with pricing and exclusivity.

Don't give Corporate America ownership over the last democratic frontier.

Musicians like Moby and R.E.M., as well as hundreds of thousands of concerned 
citizens have weighed in publicly to support Internet neutrality. Now is your 
chance to do the same. Sign the petition to keep the Internet free and open, 
for everyone.

Thanks from all of us at Care2, for fighting to keep the web democratic.

Lauren Alvarez,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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