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Re: Another Reminder to the Lsit

May 20, 2006 12:39 PM
by Vince

Just moderate the messages of specific posters.  And take about a
day or more to do so each time.  Simple solution.  Then others will
feel more free to frequently post again.  A dozen of the other group
members have already joined another group in the last week over these



--- In, "Eldon B Tucker" 
<eldon_tucker@...> wrote:
> It's been less than a week, but it looks like it's time for another
> reminder to the list about proper behavior.
> Consider a few examples of personal criticisms. Frank asks 
Carlos, "Do
> you suffer from schizophrenia." Carlos mentions to Daniel that his
> "lack of in-depth perception of Esoteric Philosophy is a most
> important topic."
> Are there also examples of Carlos asking Daniel repeatedly the same
> question when he does not want to answer, or Daniel asking Carlos? 
> many times has Carlos asked Frank if Frank is an admirer of Adolf 
> Let's all behave ourselves. The rule here should be that each of us
> express our ideas, hear what the others have to say, and then judge
> for ourselves what we think the truth of the matter is. The rule is
> not that each of us barrages others with our views, ignores what
> others have to say, and then judges others personally based upon 
> willingness to accept what we say.
> Some discussions between Carlos and Daniel never seem to come to a
> proper conclusion. The same points seem to keep coming up without 
> resolution. There is much mention of distractions and avoidance of 
> discussion. With some of the points, it would be nice of the two 
> say what they think, rest their case, and move on to other aspects 
> the philosophy or its history to discuss.
> In a discussion, if the other person does not want to continue, it 
> inappropriate to continue questioning him or her. No one has the 
> of inquisitor or police interrogator. If someone will not answer a
> question after being asked twice, drop it and move on. Leave them 
> In a discussion when the same questions keep coming up and the other
> person replies with the same answers, it is also time to move on. If
> you are getting nowhere, it is time to acknowledge that people do 
> view things the same way -- not too hard a point to accept! -- and
> pick a different topic that may also be interesting to explore.
> Some lists are closely watched and participants immediately censured
> or expelled at the first sign of trouble. This list has been too far
> in the other extreme, allowing far too much ill behavior. Often 
> will catch on about their behavior, perhaps in response to what 
> on the list may say, but there have been rare times when 
> is needed. It would be nice if this were extremely rare, if ever.
> This list should be a place where a diversity of people can coexist,
> even people with strongly held views. Say what you think, but do it
> with self-restraint. Challenge the ideas of others, communicating 
> you think clearly and inoffensively, but do not tear apart the other
> people at the same time.

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