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JESUS: Theosophical Movement working toward a movie & book

May 20, 2006 11:22 AM
by Compiler

JESUS: Theosophical Movement working toward a movie & book

Here is a discussion page on the web site where it is
very easy for those of you who want to work on this project to do so. I
created this work place for it so that you can all work together. My
introduction on it will explain why I was motivated to do so. The link
to it is at the end of this message.

Even though you will easily find out how it all works on that site, here
are just a few things about it:

* You can go there at any time and post things and/or to see and read
what others posted.

* You can select to get e-mails each time someone posts something there
if you want to, or select just once a  day mailing with all of the days
activity, or you can select no mail and just go there whenever you want

* You can present ideas and/or articles that you write in order to see
what others think.

* Any article or idea, or any number of articles or idea, can be
constantly worked on, as they are always posted and showing; and each
paragraph in each article or idea has a tiny link to press on so that
any of the members of the "Team" can suggest a rewrite, add an idea, do
some editing, and so on, until the entire group agrees that the article
or idea is good.

* Besides this particular project, the site can also be used for all
other kinds of private or public collaborative work and discussions --
so it's well worth checking out and knowing about.

OK, this is a copy of that introduction posting of mine (which is number
1) that you will see when you get there. It is followed by copies of 5
messages related to this topic that were posted in 5 of the 13 forums:

Welcome: Because some people have posted replies to the below message
that I posted in 13 theosophical forums (but, of course, each person
only posted it in just one or more of the discussion groups that they
happen to be in), and the people in the other forums didn't get to see
them, I thought it best for everyone in all 13 forums who want to see
each such posting to be able to do so. Because of this I created this
discussion space so that each person can post each of their messages
that are specifically related to forming this working group both here as
well as in any of those forums -- and everyone else in the 13
theosophical forums who want to can come here and either just read what
is going on or get involved in some way.

So that you can see those first few messages that I speak of, I have
posted them below this one, which contains a copy of the original
message that I posted in the 13 forums.

Please know that I will do my best to quickly delete all spam and
garbage postings, and any that are completely off topic, that may show
up here.

OK, this was the message that I posted in the 13 forums:

possibly reach the whole world

Dear fellow Theosophists,

[NOTE: I CUT it out here, but it IS in
the message on that web site.]

The discussion Topic name that I created is this:
JESUS: Theosophical Movement working toward a movie & book

This is the link to it:

This is the main link to the site that it is on:

Hopefully all messages posted in any of the 13 theosophical forums that
specifically relate to this topic will also be posted on the new
discussion space from now on. Why? So that I don't have to copy them and
place them there myself when I don't get an e-mail from that site
showing me that they were posted there also, since I did select to
receive an email each time that someone posts something there.

John DeSantis

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