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Another Reminder to the Lsit

May 20, 2006 09:52 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

It's been less than a week, but it looks like it's time for another
reminder to the list about proper behavior.

Consider a few examples of personal criticisms. Frank asks Carlos, "Do
you suffer from schizophrenia." Carlos mentions to Daniel that his
"lack of in-depth perception of Esoteric Philosophy is a most
important topic."

Are there also examples of Carlos asking Daniel repeatedly the same
question when he does not want to answer, or Daniel asking Carlos? How
many times has Carlos asked Frank if Frank is an admirer of Adolf Hitler?

Let's all behave ourselves. The rule here should be that each of us
express our ideas, hear what the others have to say, and then judge
for ourselves what we think the truth of the matter is. The rule is
not that each of us barrages others with our views, ignores what
others have to say, and then judges others personally based upon their
willingness to accept what we say.

Some discussions between Carlos and Daniel never seem to come to a
proper conclusion. The same points seem to keep coming up without any
resolution. There is much mention of distractions and avoidance of the
discussion. With some of the points, it would be nice of the two would
say what they think, rest their case, and move on to other aspects of
the philosophy or its history to discuss.

In a discussion, if the other person does not want to continue, it is
inappropriate to continue questioning him or her. No one has the role
of inquisitor or police interrogator. If someone will not answer a
question after being asked twice, drop it and move on. Leave them alone.

In a discussion when the same questions keep coming up and the other
person replies with the same answers, it is also time to move on. If
you are getting nowhere, it is time to acknowledge that people do not
view things the same way -- not too hard a point to accept! -- and
pick a different topic that may also be interesting to explore.

Some lists are closely watched and participants immediately censured
or expelled at the first sign of trouble. This list has been too far
in the other extreme, allowing far too much ill behavior. Often people
will catch on about their behavior, perhaps in response to what others
on the list may say, but there have been rare times when intervention
is needed. It would be nice if this were extremely rare, if ever.

This list should be a place where a diversity of people can coexist,
even people with strongly held views. Say what you think, but do it
with self-restraint. Challenge the ideas of others, communicating what
you think clearly and inoffensively, but do not tear apart the other
people at the same time.

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