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Latest Conclusions about SD III 1897????

May 18, 2006 04:20 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Readers, please compare my specific answers to
what Carlos had asked which can be found at:

Carlos' question about "Boris de Zirkoff used Annie Besant's Text"

with what Carlos now writes at:


Is his posting in reply to mine above?

Now notice some of Carlos' statements:

"According to Daniel Caldwell's  theory... Besant SD was authentic."

"It would not make sense to 'drop'  Besant's  Third Volume--  
politically a sensitive decision --  if it had any real legitimacy."

"...Besant's "wonderful job" (as Daniel seems to describe it)..."

"If people think  Besant's 3rd volume is good, then this means a 
grave accusation against Boris and Adyar TS presidents."

I don't know how Carlos is coming to these conclusions.

All I have been trying to do in the last few posts on this subject 
is trying to relate certain observations about the specific HPB 
material from SD Vol. III 1897 and how this material ended up in 
the  COLLECTED WRITINGS volumes edited by Mr. de Zirkoff.

Again how Carlos arrives at his conclusions is somewhat puzzling 
for me.


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