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Re: Theos-World Sufilight on "The basic question is what text did de Zirkoff DEPEND on?"

May 18, 2006 02:13 PM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo Danirl and all,

My views are:

Allright, "to the public, to ordinary human beings".
Maybe there are a good and justified reason or two for keeping the originals away from the public.
Maybe it is "for your eyes only" as they say.

- - -
Me reading the Akasha library? I am not the PH.D. am I ?
:-) LOL

Caldwell, do you really believe or know, that the Akasha library is real ?

Daniel wrote:
"Well, that may be so. If you can directly access it, I would like
for you to look several things up.....can you?"

Even if I could read it on a high enough level, I would maybe not reveal anything at all.
Let me ask:
If you had to choose between a) getting all the info you need from me, while I read the Akasha library
or b) that You, Daniel, learned reading the Aksaha, what would you choose ?

It will maybe not wise to let both options occur at the same time here at Theos-talk or even in private communications.

- - -
Another issue related to the above should be mentioned:
We are living more than hundred years later in time.
Blavatsky's writings are not that important as they were.
Try reading this email by me:

An exceprt:
"I am in fact also saying, that the old classic theosophical books and
articles are NOT in any way suited to adress
the present situation. >>> They are in fact creating a problem more than
they are seeking to solve it. <<< The old
Theosophical classical books and articles are simply to waguely referring to
Middle eastern literary theosophical
and esoterical outlets. And in general the Theosophical groups and
Organisation are putting way too little emphasis
on the Middle East and its treasures of valuable esoteric and theosophical
(Maybe Daniel Caldwell, ULT, TS Adyar, TS Pasadena's and others would throw
a few words about their own outlets.)
- This is especially important in these days with ongiong USA and EU crusade
activities. The Jesuits are out of the cage.
And they are the worst treath to the theosophical cause. Blavatsky said it
herself. And as far as I can see it, she got it quite right !

The Seekers after Truth would do well in understanding these issues."

If I remember correctly one of the Masters almost said, - The Secret Doctrine was mainly created with a western or European
audience in mind.

Mahatma Letter 65 might be a bit false, but the below is true:
"After this you will, perhaps, blame less our chelas for detesting the Europeans at H.Q., and saying that it is they who have ruined the Society.
Thus, my friend, there comes a forcible end to the projected occult instructions. Everything was settled and prepared. The secret Committee, appointed to receive our letters and teachings and to convey them to the Oriental group, was ready, when a few Europeans -- for reasons I prefer not mentioning -- took upon themselves the authority of reversing the decision of the whole Council. They declined (though the reason they gave was another one) -- to receive our instructions through Subba Row and Damodar, the latter of whom is hated by Messrs. L. Fox and Hartmann. Subba R. resigned and Damodar went to Tibet. Are our Hindus to be blamed for this? "

It is cultural difference, which keeps creating problems.

- - -
I do hope this helped some of you.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Subject: Theos-World Sufilight on "The basic question is what text did de Zirkoff DEPEND on?"


You write:

I would say: Available to who?
That is, available to the public, to ordinary human beings.

Then you write:

I ask: The original physical manuscript, which Bertram Keightley >
and Dr. Archibald Keightley read is lost for ever? Where is the
evidence on that?
Well, FOREVER is a long time!   Let us say the original physical
manuscript is not now available.  However TS Pasadena apparently
have some (a few?) pages of HPB's manuscript. But I am not aware of
the rest of the manuscript having survived.  As far as I know, Mr.
de Zirkoff could not find it, it is not at Adyar, as far as I know,
Michael Gomes has not discovered it.  If you can find it, let me

You also write:

Yet, we aught also to remember, that the original is forver
available in the non-physical Akasha library.
Well, that may be so.  If you can directly access it, I would like
for you to look several things up.....can you?


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