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re deZirkoff 3rd vol SD

May 18, 2006 01:54 PM

Daniel -

yes I know this to be correct and Dara, Nicolas, Gomes, Richard Robb can
verify this I am sure. The content of the material that Besant collected
(though, I think in reality GRS Mead was the 3rd volume editor ?? I have no
reference at hand, but what do you think ?) was authentic material left by
HPB. One theory is that this was going to be re-worked into the 'real' 3rd
volume, but HPB never got to it.  Another theory is that the elements of
the material for vol. 4 of SD is what we find in the 'Key' and ' Voice',
that is 'practical occultism'...... I realize that many points that I 'take
for granted' are apparently not well known. I think it is good that you
clarify these points so students know the facts and then can draw their own
conclusions from what really happened.


PS - did you receive my email ? I do not have your current one.

Data: Thu, 18 May 2006 14:56:39 -0000
Assunto: Theos-World Boris de Zirkoff used Annie Besant's Text

> It is a fact that can be shown and demonstrated (not just a
> speculation) that for a considerable portion of the HPB text in
> Collected Writings, Volume XIV, Boris de Zirkoff HAD TO pay attention
> to and actually USE Annie Besant's text from SD, Volume III, 1897 for
> the very simple reason that it [Besant's text] is the only extant
> text available.
> Anything said to the contrary is ignoring the real facts.
> Dara Eklund, Nicholas Weeks, Michael Gomes and other informed
> persons know the above to be true.
> Daniel

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