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Carlos' question about "Boris de Zirkoff used Annie Besant's Text"

May 18, 2006 12:40 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

2) What is a considerable part"? Two pages? Twenty pages? 

...Now, to every rule there are exceptions, as the popular saying 
goes, and if the general rule is that Besant's Third Volume is not 
valid, I see no problem in the fact the Boris used a certain
amount of pararaphs, or even texts, from it.

No, not two pages, not twenty pages:  the answer is more like 
hundreds of pages.

Let's do a calculation.

If you go to the 1897 edition of Volume III of the SD,
you will see that (excluding H.P.B.'s esoteric papers at the back of 
this volume), there are 51 sections (or chapters or essays or 
articles) PLUS an Introductory section or essay and that these 52 
sections cover Pages 1 through 432.  Total pages:  432.

All 52 sections or chapters were transferred to (that is, reprinted 
in) HPB's COLLECTED WRITINGS.  Most of the material being simply 
transferred to Volume XIV. 

Now Volume I of the Wurzburg 1886 SD manuscript is only an 
incomplete copy of HPB's original manuscript as my research 

See Table of Contents for this Volume I of 1886 at:

In the far right hand column, you will see that 12 sections or 
chapters in Vol. III 1897 have CORRESPONDING text in the earlier 
1886 Wurzburg manuscript.

Setting aside these 12 sections, the remaining 40 sections or 
chapters of the SD Vol. III were SIMPLY transferred by Mr. de 

And please note that the only extant copies of those 40 sections or 
chapters are in SD Vol. III.  Mr. de Zirkoff had no other versions 
of these 40 sections.

For the 12 sections of SD III which have corresponding text in the 
ealier Wurzburg manuscript, Boris and his team compared the two sets 
of text, etc. And decided what to publish in the COLLECTED WRITINGS, 
Volume XIV.  

So Mr. de Zirkoff, to say the least, transferred into the COLLECTED 
WRITINGS volumes (most of it into Volume XIV) hundreds of pages of 
text DIRECTLY FROM Annie Besant's Vol. III.

Does this help?

I am busy on a deadline this morning and write the above in a 
hurry.  If any of the above is not clear, I will try to clarify.  



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