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The basic question is what text did de Zirkoff DEPEND on?

May 17, 2006 11:32 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

Whatever long-winded speculations about this and that particular 
paragraph having being transcribed from here or there, the facts 

1) Zirkoff is reliable;

2) I quoted from Zirkoff;

3) Third Volume, A.  Besant's SD is not reliable,  and was abandoned 
even by Adyar --  now you please imagine what about the rest of the 
movement! So,  why insist with historical rubbish?  No one reads 
AB's Secret Doctrine, as long as I know.

Yes Carlos I know that you quoted from de Zirkoff, that is you 
quoted from CW, Vol. XIV.

But the question is:  

For the specific text about Julian and Socrates, on what source or 
version did Mr. de Zirkoff DEPEND for HIS transcription and version?


There are ONLY two sources still extant:  the 1886 text and the 1897 
text that Mr. de Zirkoff could use.

See the 3 colored columns for the specific text at:

I ask you Carlos and any other interested readers:

Compare the 3rd column (purple text – de Zirkoff version) with BOTH 
the 2nd column text (green text – Besant version) AND the 1st column 
text (yellow text –Wurzburg) version.

Which version Besant or Wurzburg did de Zirkoff rely on?  

Which version green or yellow did de Zirkoff use?

And Carlos, when you write:

Daniel is the Last Mohican of Besant's "Secret Doctrine". See below.
No one else, that I know, pays attention to that piece of museum.

But the basic question was NOT what text I would pay attention to, 
it was what text did Mr. de Zirkoff PAY ATTENTION TO  and also USE 
in HIS version of Julian and Socrates as found in CW, Vol. XIV?

It is a fact that can be shown and demonstrated (not just a 
speculation) that for a considerable part of the HPB text in 
Collected Writings, Volume XIV, Mr. de Zirkoff HAD TO pay attention 
to and actually USE Besant's text ("piece of museum") for the very 
simple reason that it is the only extant text available!!


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