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Frank and the WW II

May 17, 2006 11:13 AM
by carlosaveline


In a recent posting, I respectufully asked you once more if you are a decided admirer of Adolf Hitler, as many of your postings seem to suggest.

The reason for that question is, in part, that Hitler was very much tolerated and helped by the Vatican.

Having that in mind, it would be rather unlikely that you could understand my viewpoints. 

Keep in mind that José Maria Escrivá, the fascist who created Opus Dei, was also somebody who had symphaty for the losers, in the Second World War.

Fortunately, Democratic Countries won and the theosophical movement came back to life in 1945, when the mass-murder Nazist regime was defeated. 

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Tue, 16 May 2006 18:22:31 +0200

Assunto:Re: Theos-World DISCOVERY IS GRADUAL

> Carlos, it seems that you do not understand that 
> your quotes of HPB seldom support your claims. 
> What you implicate is but your own interpretation 
> and it seems you are not willing to allow 
> alternative interpretations, as if you regard 
> Theosophy as another religion. Narrow-mindness and 
> fanatism are the traps the students should be on 
> alert.
> So long as you present only rumors and gossip and 
> slander and no hard facts I don't believe that 
> Daniel is a Jesuit, although I am, too, share not 
> always his conclusions, what is normal.
> With the same or more right of your own measure 
> you could also blame f.e. the ULT to follow 
> jesuitical aims in twisting HPB's vision.
> Frank
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> From: "carlosaveline" 
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> Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 4:49 PM
> Subject: Theos-World DISCOVERY IS GRADUAL
> Dear Friends,
> HPB wrote:
> "There never was an Occult Society, however open 
> and sincere, that has not felt the hand of the 
> Jesuit trying to pull it down by every secret 
> means... But all efforts of the greatest craft are 
> doomed to failure on the day they are discovered." 
> (1)
> I guess discovery is a gradual process. It is, 
> let's say, "a long day"...
> Regards, Carlos.
> (1) "Collected Writings", H.P. Blavatsky, TPH 
> Adyar/USA, volume XIV, 1985, 753 pp., see p. 267
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