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Carlos writes: "Zirkoff Didn't Need Besant's SD"

May 17, 2006 08:28 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write to me:

In the "Collected Writings" , Boris published texts which 
ALSO were in the Besant's 3rd volume. 

But most likely he got them from their originals. 

He did not depend on Besant's edition. 

He had access to Adyar's Archives. He did not have to copy from 
Besant's false edition. 

I hope this is clear now. 

Carlos, unfortunately, some of what you write above is
simply not factual and accurate and therefore is not "clear."

Boris de Zirkoff did DEPEND on Besant's edition; he
did COPY from what you call "Besant's false edition."

If you don't believe me, ask Dara Eklund and Nicholas Weeks.

Yes, he ALSO had access to the 1886 Wurzburg manuscript of
the SD BUT much of the text in Volume XIV of the CW is simply
copied straight out of what you call "Besant's false edition."

You can start to verify this for yourself by simply taking the HPB 
quote on Socrates that you took from Boris de Zirkoff's Volume XIV 
and COMPARE it to the same quote in Besant's Volume III. And then
look at my transcription of this quote from the Wurzburg manuscript
as given at the very end of the posting at:

If you don't believe me, then also compare Jinarajadasa's 
transcription on page 144 of THE THEOSOPHIST, Nov. 1933.

Thank you for bringing this issue up because the confusion certainly 
needs to be cleared up.

In my Part 4 to be posted on Theos-Talk, I will RETURN to my thesis 
about this article "What the Occultists and Kabalists Have to Say" 
in which the quote about Socrates occurs.



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