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A Story of HPB humor warning

May 15, 2006 09:37 PM
by Drpsionic

>From the Akashic DVD:
How HPB's feud with A. O. Hume began.
One afternoon HPB went to visit Mr. Hume at his home and was told by the  
butler that while Mr. Hume was going to be occupied soon, she should go upstairs  
to the library and wait for him.  With some huffing and puffing, she  
ascended the stairs and, entering upon the well-stocked library, sat down upon  an 
antique chair with a dusty tome of archaic and highly esoteric lore to keep  
herself occupied.  Unfortunately the chair could not withstand the immense  
gravity of her presence and she presently found herself rolling out of the  
library, bouncing down the stairs, rolling through the parlor and drawing room  and 
out over the edge of the veranda, literally crushing the two leather-clad  
young women who were arriving to give Mr. Hume his weekly--er--massage  therapy.
She continued to travel in this undignified manner until she found herself  
stuck fast, upside down in an open manhole!
She was stuck so thoroughly that two teams of draft horses attached to her  
legs could not extricate her and a large air compressor was used to pump air  
into the sewer until HPB flew out of the hole like a liberated champaign cork 
50  feet into the air, coming down on her well-padded dereirre, bouncing three 
times  like a large rubber ball and finally coming to rest on the shrubbery 
outside of  the London Lodge of Holy Order of the Knights Who Say NI.
The Masters were watching all this falling over laughing until the Maha  
Chohan yelled at them, which he was forced to do on a regular basis.
Chuck the Heretic

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