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May 15, 2006 03:21 PM
by robert_b_macd

Carlos reminds us with HPB's quote from below that people often spend
much time in developing that cold erudite demeanor so that it is never
clear where they stand on any issue.  To some it is a game to be
mastered with power and prestige going to the victor.  Theosophists on
the other hand are concerned with arriving at the truth.  For this
reason they should be ready to put forward their positions with the
hope that contrary positions might also be advanced and debate ensue.
 It is through this debate that new truths might be arrived at.  When
theosophists are reluctant to advance their positions, this is a
problem.  Either they perceive themselves to be in an unfair or
unlearned environment where truth is not valued or they have something
to hide.  The object of theosophy is to provide the right environment
for seeking truth and courage to face those beliefs that like to hide
in the dark corners of one's mind.


--- In, "carlosaveline" <carlosaveline@...>
> As to HPB, she kindly wrote these words: 
> "No `cultured' man or woman will ever show anger in Society. To
check and restrain every sign of annoyance shows good manners,
certainly, but also considerable achievement in hypocrisy and
dissimulation. There is an occult side to this rule of good breeding
expressed in an Eastern proverb: `Trust not the face which never shows
signs of anger nor the  dog that never barks.'  Cold-blooded animals
are the most venomous."(2) 

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