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Re: The "scorpion-whip of hatred" is intensified even more???

May 15, 2006 11:40 AM
by robert_b_macd

Again Daniel is on to something here.  When the Coulomb's were called to
task by HPB for trying to fleece friends of the TS, one can imagine what
type of feelings this engendered in this couple, and their response, a
collection of unfounded accusations becomes understandable.  I think we
could all do the Coulombs a generous favor by allowing their charges to
sink back into the archives where "sincere" students of whatever stripe
can mull them over.  After all, it can only be karmically damaging to
this unforunate couple to allow these charges to circulate publically
and further damage their reputations in the eyes of successive
generations.  Let us hope that wisdom prevails.

--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Notice what KH says:
> "... even the faintest shadow of difference ARMS seekers
> after the same truth, otherwise earnest and sincere, with the
> scorpion-whip of hatred against their brothers, equally sincere and
> earnest." caps added.
> In this example both "sides" are characterized as "earnest"
> and "sincere".
> But what happens if one side starts to believe
> or to "accuse" the other side of being NOT earnest, NOT sincere?
> I would suggest that the "scorpion-whip of hatred" is intensified
> even more!
> Daniel

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