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Re: Would the following by Koot Hoomi APPLY to Katinka's opinion????

May 15, 2006 11:23 AM
by robert_b_macd

Daniel points to some wise words here from which we could all learn a
--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Would the following by K.H. apply to Katinka's opinion
> which has been apparently used AGAINST her here at Theos-Talk
> in several previous posts????
> I ask this not to create "discord" here but to get some readers
> pondering on what seems to me some very important issues that
> apparently are not carefully considered from time to time in some of
> the Theos-Talk postings.
> Koot Hoomi writes:
> ===============================================================
> ...Every Western Theosophist should learn
> and remember, especially those of them who would be our followers --
> that in our Brotherhood, all personalities sink into one idea --
> abstract right and absolute practical justice for all. And that,
> though we may not say with the Christians, "return good for evil" --
> we repeat with Confucius -- "return good for good; for evil --
> JUSTICE." Thus, the Theosophists of Mrs. K.'s way of thinking, --
> were they even to oppose some of us personally to the bitter end, --
> are entitled to as much respect and consideration (so long as they
> are sincere) from us and their fellow-members of opposite views, as
> those who are ready with Mr. Sinnett to follow absolutely but our
> special teaching. A dutiful regard for these rules in life will
> always promote the best interests of all concerned....
> =================================================================
This quote brings forward the ideas of "sincerity" and the respect that
the Master's demonstrate for potential enemies to the Brotherhood's
teachings.  Nowhere do the Masters deviate from a postion of Universal
Brotherhood with respect to students with contrary views, nowhere does
the debate sink into concern over motives.  Theosophists concerned with
"abstract right and practical justice for all" will, no doubt, want to
stay away from personal motive as this can only debase a debate.   For
example, when the Coulombs accused HPB of fraud, there was no interest
in seeking Truth, only an interest in establishing doubt concerning
HPB's motives and integrity.  The Coulomb's, unable to argue
intelligently against HPB's presentation of the Wisdom Tradition,
attempted to cause her harm by levying empty accusations that to my
knoweldge have never been proven nor has anyone attempted to prove them.
They can hardly be described as  "sincere" holders of opposite views. 
"Justice" certainly dictates that their "evil" accusations be met with
opposition by fair-minded men.  "Ingratitude is not among our vices, nor
do we imagine you would wish to advise it. . . ."


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