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Would the following by Koot Hoomi APPLY to Katinka's opinion????

May 15, 2006 10:18 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Would the following by K.H. apply to Katinka's opinion
which has been apparently used AGAINST her here at Theos-Talk
in several previous posts????

I ask this not to create "discord" here but to get some readers
pondering on what seems to me some very important issues that 
apparently are not carefully considered from time to time in some of 
the Theos-Talk postings.

Koot Hoomi writes:
...I need hardly point out how the proposed arrangement is 
calculated to lead to a harmonious progress of the "L.L. T.S." It is 
a universally admitted fact that the marvellous success of the 
Theosophical Society in India is due entirely to its principle of 
wise and respectful toleration of each other's opinions and beliefs. 
Not even the President-Founder has the right directly or indirectly 
to interfere with the freedom of thought of the humblest member, 
least of all to seek to influence his personal opinion. It is only 
in the absence of this generous consideration, that even the 
faintest shadow of difference arms seekers after the same truth, 
otherwise earnest and sincere, with the scorpion-whip of hatred 
against their brothers, equally sincere and earnest. Deluded victims 
of distorted truth, they forget, or never knew, that discord is the 
harmony of the Universe. Thus in the Theos. Society, each part, as 
in the glorious fugues of the immortal Mozart, ceaselessly chases 
the other in harmonious discord on the paths of Eternal progress to 
meet and finally blend at the threshold of the pursued goal into one 
harmonious whole, the key-note in nature [Sanskrit characters 
for "Sat."] Absolute justice makes no difference between the many 
and the few. Therefore, while thanking the majority of the "L.L" 
Theosophists for their "loyalty" to us their invisible teachers, we 
must at the same time, remind them that their President, Mrs. 
Kingsford, is loyal and true also -- to that which she believes to 
be the Truth. And, as she is thus loyal and true to her convictions, 
however small the minority that may side with her at present, the 
majority led by Mr. Sinnett, our representative in London, cannot 
with justice charge her with the guilt, which -- since she has 
emphatically disclaimed all intention of breaking the letter or the 
spirit of Article VI of the Rules of the Parent Theos. Society 
(which please see and read) -- is one only in the eyes of those who 
would be rather too severe. Every Western Theosophist should learn 
and remember, especially those of them who would be our followers -- 
that in our Brotherhood, all personalities sink into one idea -- 
abstract right and absolute practical justice for all. And that, 
though we may not say with the Christians, "return good for evil" -- 
we repeat with Confucius -- "return good for good; for evil -- 
JUSTICE." Thus, the Theosophists of Mrs. K.'s way of thinking, -- 
were they even to oppose some of us personally to the bitter end, -- 
are entitled to as much respect and consideration (so long as they 
are sincere) from us and their fellow-members of opposite views, as 
those who are ready with Mr. Sinnett to follow absolutely but our 
special teaching. A dutiful regard for these rules in life will 
always promote the best interests of all concerned....

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