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HPB Quote on Socrates is actually from "spurious 'Third Volume' " of SD

May 15, 2006 08:24 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos quotes HPB on Socrates:

Julian died for the same crime as Socrates. Both  divulged 
a portion of  the solar mystery, the heliocentric system being only 
a part of what was given during Initiation  one consciously (1) , 
the other unconsciously, the Greek Sage never  having been 
initiated. It was not the real solar system that was preserved in  
such secrecy, but the mysteries connected with the Sun's 
constitution. Socrates was sentenced to death  by earthly and 
worldly judges; Julian died a violent death because the hitherto 
protecting hand was withdrawn from him, and, no longer shielded by 
it, he was simply left to his destiny or Karma.  For the student of 
Occultism there is a suggestive difference between the two kinds of 
death. (2)
("Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky", TPH, Wheaton, USA, volume 
XIV, 1985, 733 pp., see pp. 222-223, footnote.)

It is interesting that this HPB quote on Socrates is actually from 
what the Theosophy Company calls the "spurious 'Third Volume'" of 
THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  See Volume III, 1897 ed., page 213 for HPB's 

The Theosophy Company goes on to say that this volume III 
was "compiled from miscellaneous papers found among her effects" 
but "forms no part of the original SECRET DOCTRINE written by H.P.B."

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