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Re: Theos-World Sufilight, next time Blavatsky visits you, ask her a question....

May 13, 2006 06:56 PM
by Cass Silva

Unless she appeared to you, would you believe it?

danielhcaldwell <> wrote: Sufilight,

You wrote:

In fact an almost physical body of her smiling was 
materialised last evening in my bedroom.
I am serious as I can be. This was about the second or 
third time she visited me like that.

Next time Blavatsky visits, ask her if she wrote this
in 1885.  

"[Franz Hartmann]...has turned our devoted [William
Q.] Judge, when [Judge was] despatched [in 1884] by
Olcott from Paris to Adyar, into our enemy." Quoted
from V.S. Solovyoff's A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS, p.

Try to get an answer and post it here on Theos-Talk.


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