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Re: Theos-World So Who you gonna believe?: Aveline or Judge???

May 13, 2006 11:46 AM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo Daniel and all,

My views are:

Yes. A dificult question is it not?
Only the Avatar is complete
I have been told by some higher beings that the old woman is allright.
My knowledge tells me the same. She might, out of compassion, have mislead some persons, in the
manner described by Mahatma Morya in the Mahatma Letter I wrote about in a recent email.

In fact an almost physical body of her smiling was materialised last evening in my bedroom.
I am serious as I can be. This was about the second or third time she visited me like that.
Judge was a good wellmeant assistent with some problems related to Christianity.
Who else but Blavatsky wrote so heavily against the Jesuits? Who?
And please remember, that the religious climate back then in the good old 1880'ies
was somewhat different, when we talk about the Vatican and Christianity as a whole.

And, Daniel, I would not put too much emphasis on all those letters by Blavatsky and Judge - and similar ones.
A great degree of their content has to do with provoking theosophical experiences in the Seekers
reading them. Wisdom operates on a level beyond scholary examinations. We will all have to
understand this. And as long as one is not a Blavatsky or a W. Q. Judge one will have problems
in detecting the subtleties in those letters.

M. Sufilight

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It bears repeating:

Carlos Aveline writes in 2006:

"In fact, Judge NEVER felt or said HPB was other than a decent,
honest, truthful person."  caps added

W.Q. Judge wrote to HPB in 1885:

"...Let us not beat around the bush.  You have lied
now & then & perhaps played some tricks, but I
tell you I do not care a tinker's damn.  You are
to me as you were ever...."

So Who you gonna believe?:  Aveline or Judge???

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