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Daniel and the paparazzi

May 13, 2006 10:17 AM
by carlosaveline


More century old gossips & suspicions ... small short facts taken out of their context in order  to manipulate minds in the 21st century? 



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Assunto:Theos-World "...suspect some of the so-called 'precipitated' letters as being forgeries,..."

> In 1888, H.P. Blavatsky wrote:
> ======================================================
> We have been asked by a correspondent why he should not 'be free to 
> suspect some of the so-called 'precipitated' letters as being 
> forgeries,' giving as his reason for it that while some of them bear 
> the stamp of (to him) undeniable genuineness, others seem from their 
> contents and style, to be imitations. This is equivalent to saying 
> that he has such an unerring spiritual insight as to be able to 
> detect the false from the true, though he has never met a Master, 
> nor been given any key by which to test his alleged communications. 
> The inevitable consequence of applying his untrained judgment in 
> such cases, would be to make him as likely as not to declare false 
> what was genuine, and genuine what was false. Thus what criterion 
> has any one to decide between one 'precipitated' letter, or another 
> such letter? Who except their authors, or those whom they employ as 
> their amanuenses (the chelas and disciples), can tell? For it is 
> hardly one out of a hundred 'occult' letters that is ever written by 
> the hand of the Master, in whose name and on whose behalf they are 
> sent, as the Masters have neither need nor leisure to write them; 
> and that when a Master says, 'I wrote that letter,' it means only 
> that every word in it was dictated by him and impressed under his 
> direct supervision. Generally they make their chela, whether near or 
> far away, write (or precipitate) them, by impressing upon his mind 
> the ideas they wish expressed, and if necessary aiding him in the 
> picture-printing process of precipitation. It depends entirely upon 
> the chela's state of development, how accurately the ideas may be 
> transmitted and the writing-model imitated. Thus the non-adept 
> recipient is left in the dilemma of uncertainty, whether, if one 
> letter is false, all may not be; for, as far as intrinsic evidence 
> goes, all come from the same source, and an are brought by the same 
> mysterious means. But there is another, and a far worse condition 
> implied. For all that the recipient of 'occult' letters can possibly 
> know, and on the simple grounds of probability and common honesty, 
> the unseen correspondent who would tolerate one single fraudulent 
> line in his name, would wink at an unlimited repetition of the 
> deception. And this leads directly to the following. All the so-
> called occult letters being supported by identical proofs, they have 
> all to stand or fall together. If one is to be doubted, then all 
> have, and the series of letters in the 'Occult World,' 'Esoteric 
> Buddhism,' etc., etc., may be, and there is no reason why they 
> should not be in such a case-frauds, 'clever impostures,' 
> and 'forgeries' such as the ingenuous though stupid agent [Richard 
> Hodgson] of the 'S.P.R.' has made them out to be. . . . "Lodges of 
> Magic," Lucifer, October, 1888 
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