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Judge: "It is an issue that may not be evaded...."

May 13, 2006 09:03 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Judge wrote in 1894:

Let it be proved that H.P.B. . . . is a liar and a fraud, and I will 
abandon the T. S. and all its belongings; but until so proved I will 
remain where I was put. Lastly, as final proof of the delusions 
worked through this man and his friends I will mention this: Many 
years ago (in 1881) the Masters sent to the Allahabad Brahmans (the 
Prayag T. S.) a letter which was delivered by H.P.B. . . . to Mr. A. 
P. Sinnett, who handed a copy over to them, keeping the original. It 
dealt very plainly with the Brahmans. This letter the Brahmans do 
not like, and Mr. Chakravarti tried to make me think it was a pious 
fraud by H.P.B.. . .  He succeeded with Mrs. Besant in this, so that 
since she met him she has on various occasions said she thought it 
was a fraud by H.P.B. . . . , made up entirely, and not from the 
Master. . . . Only delusion would make Mrs. Besant take this 
position; deliberate intention makes the others do it. It is an 
issue that may not be evaded, for if that letter be a fraud then all 
the rest sent through our old teacher, are the same. I shall rest on 
that issue; we all rest on it. . . ."

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