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Re:Theos-World Comparing & Contrasting: Letters of H.P.B. to V.S. Solovyoff

May 13, 2006 07:56 AM
by carlosaveline

More propaganda on the Pioneers of Opus Dei.


Data:Sat, 13 May 2006 14:52:38 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Comparing & Contrasting: Letters of H.P.B. to V.S. Solovyoff

> Comparing & Contrasting:
> Letters of H.P.B. to V.S. Solovyoff
> In the book A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS , the
> author V.S. Solovyoff gives transcriptions of many of
> the letters he said H. P. Blavatsky wrote to him.
> Now since Solovyoff turned against H.P.B. and
> characterized her in this book as a fraud, one might
> wonder if he has forged or tampered with any of
> H.P.B.'s supposed letters.
> Take for example, the H.P.B. letter dated May 23, 1885
> and transcribed on pp. 122-127 in A MODERN PRIESTESS.
> Is this letter a complete forgery palmed off as
> genuine H.P.B. or is it at least a letter that has
> been tampered with. And should the historian or the
> student of H.P.B.'s life place any stock in the letter
> or simply reject the letter as spurious HPB?
> Some time ago a student of H.P.B. in correspondence
> with me said that this letter was obviously forged
> since H.P.B. could never have written the words:
> "[Franz Hartmann]...has turned our devoted [William
> Q.] Judge, when [Judge was] despatched [in 1884] by
> Olcott from Paris to Adyar, into our enemy." Quoted
> from V.S. Solovyoff's A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS, p.
> 125.
> The correspondent spent more than 1 page of text
> explaining all about Judge and trying to show that HPB
> would could never have written those words. And since
> those words are obviously a forgery than the whole
> letter must be a forgery and therefore rejected. Such
> was his reasoning.
> But is there some way to verify or falsify whether
> these disputed words of HPB are her words or not?
> According to my correspondent it was obvious that HPB
> could never have written what is in this letter,
> therefore these words are not hers
> But the fact is that there is at least one genuine
> letter of HPB's that, in fact, confirms the accuracy
> of what she allegedly said in the letter to Solovyoff.
> I have quoted portions of the confirming letter at:
> And if you carefully read, study and compare her
> letter to Judge which is dated May 1, 1885 with the
> letter in question, that is, her letter to Solovyoff
> dated May 23, 1885, you can see that much of the
> subject matter in her letter to Solovyff is confirmed
> in the letter she had written to Judge himself only 3
> weeks before.
> It is this technique of comparing and contrasting
> genuine letters of HPB with the disputed Solovyoff
> letters that can lead one to the conclusion that these
> letters of HPB to Solovyoff are probably genuine.
> In fact, if you take this technique of comparing what
> can be learned of this TIME PERIOD thru letters, diary
> entries, reminiscences of the time, etc. these
> supposed HPB letters to Solovyoff seem to accurately
> portray either known historical facts and details or
> what HPB is known to have written elsewhere.
> And an observation that should also be made is that if
> Solovyoff was actually forging these HPB letters, why
> didn't he include something that would be really
> damaging such as a confession from her that she had
> faked the Mahatma letters or the Masters or her
> psychic phenomena.
> Now Solovyoff in his narrative does claim that she
> VERBALLY told him certain things that would show her
> as a fraud but in her letters as transcribed in MODERN
> PRIESTESS OF ISIS, such admissions are not there.
> (There is one letter of hers to Solovyoff known as her
> "Confession" letter which might be construed in a
> negative way but as several authors have pointed out:
> this negative "interpretation"
> doesn't hold up on a close reading of the letter in
> question.")
> Solovyoff's book is a valuable historical record but
> of course one needs to use some of the material with
> caution. Certainly persons interested in the
> relationship between Solovyoff and Blavatsky should
> read other material that helps one to understand
> these events.
> Some of the works that should be consulted are:
> (1)Cranston's HPB biography (the chapter on Solovyoff)
> (2)Beatrice Hasting's "Solovyoff's Fraud"
> (3)K.F. Vania's book on HPB
> (4)the valuable appendix A in MODERN PRIESTESS which
> is a partial translation of HPB's sister Vera's
> defense pamphlet in answer to Solovyoff's book.
> And several other books and documents.
> It should be noted that Boris de Zirkoff, the compiler
> of HPB's Collected Writings, even uses material in
> Solovyoff's book to document various events in the
> "Chronological Survey" of HPB's life
> for the years 1884, 1885 and 1886.
> Now on Theos-Talk Carlos Aveline has almost constantly
> been reciting the mantra of slanders, lies, falsehoods
> about both the Solovyoff and Coulomb books. And 
> certainly one must use these books with caution especially 
> since both authors turned against H.P.B.
> But to throw the baby out with the bathwater, that is,
> to completely ignore these books seems equally foolish
> since these books do contain valuable historical data.
> Again Carlos also wants to characterize anyone who
> uses this material as somehow the "enemy" of HPB and
> Theosophy. His favorite words apparently are:
> "slander" and "slanderer."
> Daniel
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